Get to know Matthew Koons, our ambitious Operations Manager at College Fund Landscaping. He joined us in June with an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a fast-paced environment, which makes him the perfect addition to our team! 

Matthew may not have come from a landscaping background, but he certainly has a handle on operations management. Where the only constant in his department is change, this natural problem-solver is able to roll with the punches. He’s already developing tracking systems to test operations efficiency. Everybody knows we love our numbers here! 

He starts his day bright and early, setting up his crew members to tackle the day. He spends most of his time-solving problems for his crews and setting them up for success on job sites. When he has some extra time, he’s diving head first into learning all he can about lawn care and the green industry. He loves being able to meet with clients and help them achieve a flawless landscape. 

Matthew was an aviation mechanic for six years in the Navy. After his time in the Navy, he enrolled in the University of North Texas and graduated from UNT with his bachelor’s degree in Aviation Logistics. This summer, he threw a curve ball and applied here at College Fund Landscaping, aren’t we lucky? College Fund stuck out to him because of the strong sense of community in our company. 

He adds, “I chose College Fund Landscaping because of the family environment. No one is treated any less because of a title. Everyone here is important.” 

Matthew is a Texas native, born and raised. His favorite thing about this state is its unpredictable weather. Which makes perfect sense – he likes to keep life exciting!  Matthew takes great pride in his work but is even more proud of being a dad. A dedicated father of two, Matthew always prioritizes time with his kids. And when he can take a moment for himself, he is totally killing it in his APA pool league. He says that he is “decent” but we all know he’s being too modest! 

Matthew is committed to building a positive reputation here at College Fund Landscaping. He is eager to work behind the scenes, running operations smoothly so that clients get the best service. He urges, “I never want our clients to stop working with us, but if they do, I hope it’s because we helped them achieve the perfect lawn.” 

Let’s give Matthew a warm welcome to the College Fund Landscaping crew. We are so excited to grow with you!