Meet one of our mightiest members of College Fund Landscaping, Mayte! She is a loyal veteran here at CFL with an ambition to grow within the company.

Mayte originally joined the team back in March of 2020 and took a hiatus in October 2020 to be a dedicated mother of three. Since her return in September of 2021, she has worked full-time as a scheduler and dispatcher, communicating with crews daily.

Her role is essential in ensuring schedules and crews are organized every day. When cancellations or last-minute changes occur, Mayte is always one step ahead to communicate to her team to get things done right. She also lends her unique skill set part-time to her fellow CSRs (Customer Service Representatives). 

While she assists in daily operations, Mayte is eager to expand her role and contribute to the growth of her team. She is motivated to be a part of the Senior Team assisting in setting long-term goals here at CFL. 

Mayte is one of a kind, with a unique story! I mean, who else can say they experienced a car accident with a goat? The story goes, that Mayte had just received her license in her senior year of high school. On a day she had been running late to class, she ended up stuck on a country road across from a goat farm where goats had escaped. In a hurry, she honked her horn, which led to an angry goat ramming and denting the front half of her car. It’s too bad insurance doesn’t cover goat accidents!

When she isn’t dedicated to her work or football, she can be found cheering for her daughter at softball games every month. She takes great pride in her daughter’s skill and vicariously lives through her because Mayte was once an avid softball player.

She is also a skilled gambler, so much so that the former dealer recognized her skills at Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma where she can beat nearly everyone in Blackjack.

Recently, Mayte purchased her very first home. She said she was supported by her CFL team members during the entire process (which we all know can be draining in this market!) She’s really enjoyed hosting mini parties with her friends and family every weekend to cheer on their favorite teams the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys. This girl is a SUPER fan!

Mayte is a dedicated team member, who is always ready to lend a hand and make a difference. Safe to say, everyone at CFL may need some shades because Mayte’s future looks bright!