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College Fund Landscaping is dedicated to adding amazing professionals to our team. Please help us welcome one of our newest professionals to College Fund Landscaping, Ashleigh! Ashleigh is a multifaceted Customer Service Representative (CSR) who loves to solve problems for her clients.  Ashleigh graduated from Texas Tech in 2019 with a degree in Soil and […]

So many things in life boil down to a simple phrase: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you regularly take vitamins, you practice this. If you change your oil and rotate your tires, you’re doing it for your vehicle.  While all of these efforts won’t stop things from happening, they […]


It’s safe to say we love the heat in Texas, but does the heat love us? That question is up for debate! As a result of our temperate climate, a number of weeds and invasive grasses are prone to aggressively spreading. To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, it’s important to stay vigilant with […]



Every year we hold our Annual Scholarship Raffle to give back to local students to help them achieve their dreams of attending college. Today, we are excited to announce the WINNERS of our Scholarship Raffle! The raffle offers our biggest giveaway to date!! Last year, we gave $4,000 to 6 lucky winners and this year […]

Meet one of our mightiest members of College Fund Landscaping, Mayte! She is a loyal veteran here at CFL with an ambition to grow within the company. Mayte originally joined the team back in March of 2020 and took a hiatus in October 2020 to be a dedicated mother of three. Since her return in […]


From Deep Freeze to Opportunity Did your landscape take a beating over the winter? If you’re noticing the loss of some plants, you’re not alone. Texas experienced a one-hundred-year temperature event that nobody wants ever to go through again: A deep freeze. The snow, sleet, freezing rain, and horribly cold temperatures that Mother Nature sent […]



If you’re unfamiliar with why our company is “College Fund Landscaping” hold onto your seats! We’re going to break it down and let you know how to get involved…. When I was attending Plano Senior High School, I was looking for a way to make money to help pay for my college education. I started […]

When it comes to weed control, we often worry about what we can see and not what may be happening underground. But it’s what we can’t see that can make some weeds so difficult to control. Nutsedge and Kyllinga are two weeds on our most-wanted list for this very reason.  The Differences Between Nutsedge and […]


When we think of lawn pests, we often think of unwanted visitors like deer, raccoons, and rabbits, who have an uncanny way of sneaking in and munching away on our landscapes, leaving only nubs, missing, and misshapen plants as evidence that they’ve been there. But there are quite a few more unwanted guests happily munching […]


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