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If you’re unfamiliar with why our company is “College Fund Landscaping” hold onto your seats! We’re going to break it down and let you know how to get involved…. When I was attending Plano Senior High School, I was looking for a way to make money to help pay for my college education. I started […]

When it comes to weed control, we often worry about what we can see and not what may be happening underground. But it’s what we can’t see that can make some weeds so difficult to control. Nutsedge and Kyllinga are two weeds on our most-wanted list for this very reason.  The Differences Between Nutsedge and […]


When we think of lawn pests, we often think of unwanted visitors like deer, raccoons, and rabbits, who have an uncanny way of sneaking in and munching away on our landscapes, leaving only nubs, missing, and misshapen plants as evidence that they’ve been there. But there are quite a few more unwanted guests happily munching […]



If you’ve ever interacted with Nicole – and you probably have – you know exactly what to expect: fantastic attention to detail, commitment to her work, and every effort to make things perfect. “Nicole has been a customer service representative for about three years,” says Matt Davis, owner of College Fund Landscaping. “But she moved […]

When it comes to choosing the right type of sod for your North Texas lawn, there are several things to consider. Our unique climate and soil type can make it challenging to grow that thick, green, luscious lawn we all dream of. But fear not – because, with the right sod type and installation method, […]


Every spring when you hit up your favorite big box store, there’s always that display of Weed & Feed. As it’s advertised, it seems like a dream come true. Apply one bag to your lawn and with the combination of fertilizer and weed control all in one, you’ll soon be looking at a green, weed-free […]



One of the newest faces at College Fund Landscaping is Adam, new may not be the right word, he brings nearly two decades of management experience with him to his new role, but he is new to the green industry and new to Texas, but we won’t hold that against him. The fact that he’s […]

If there’s one thing that weeds are, it’s tenacious. They seemingly thrive without any care, are heartier than wanted plants, and their rebellious nature means that attempts to eradicate them can often switch them into overdrive. We’ve seen it all – including crabgrass growing out of pavement down the middle of a highway.  Don’t lose […]


While people don’t typically think of the cooler winter months as a time of growth, once the temperatures start to warm up again, it’s an opportune time for many pesky weeds. This type of growth may not be visible to you as the homeowner, but once the optimum temperatures hit, weeds will start to germinate […]


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