At College Fund Landscaping, we are always excited to introduce our amazing team members. This week, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Perla, one of our amazing Customer Service Representatives. Perla is a young and motivated team member who goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. 

Not only does Perla bring a great attitude, but she also has six years of customer service experience and three years of experience as a personal assistant. In addition to her great attitude, Perla is bilingual and has obtained degrees in Administration of Justice, Behavioral Science, and even Sociology. We’re lucky to have this triple threat on our side!

If you’re looking for someone who is organized and on top of her responsibilities, then look no further than Perla. She likes to start her mornings off by participating in a daily “huddle” with her team members. This helps her stay on task and on top of her responsibilities, which include answering phone calls, and emails, processing service reports, and managing billing. While Perla may be a planner, she’s always flexible and is no stranger to staying late to get the job done right.

Perla is all set to be your go-to Customer Service Rep, but she’s not only there to answer questions, she’s there to be your friend too.

She shares, “We will do whatever is in our power to make things right for you as long as you let us help. We are able to understand and put ourselves in your shoes. We don’t see you just as a number, we care about YOU.” 

Perla is originally from Guatemala City and has come a long way now that she resides in Greenville, Texas. She is a friendly face in her neighborhood, regularly out and about with her two dogs. She enjoys spending time with her fiance or catching up on her Netflix favorite “Imposter” show.

As soon as the first sign of cooler temperatures shows, Perla gets excited about the fun winter activities she gets to do. She loves going outside in the cold because it gives her more energy and she feels more productive. After running or playing outside with her dogs she enjoys sipping hot cocoa with extra marshmallows and cozying up to get warm. And of course, she can’t help but tease her fiance when she’s winning in all the board games!

Some of us may get the ‘Sunday Scaries’ but not Perla. She is committed to providing excellent customer service and building a successful career here at College Fund Landscaping and man, are we lucky to have her!

We’ll leave you with what Perla said about her career at CFL, “My favorite part of my job is not only helping customers but also my team members. I don’t feel like I have to go to work every morning like most people. I actually want to come to work and that feeling is just amazing.”

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Perla!