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Saying goodbye to the summer heat and preparing for the chill of the winter can be bittersweet. That’s why at College Fund Landscaping, we want to help transition your lawn this season.  These tips will help you get started. Take Care of Those Leaves on the Lawn As beautiful as the fall foliage is, it […]

From Deep Freeze to Opportunity Did your landscape take a beating over the winter? If you’re noticing the loss of some plants, you’re not alone. Texas experienced a one-hundred-year temperature event that nobody wants ever to go through again: A deep freeze. The snow, sleet, freezing rain, and horribly cold temperatures that Mother Nature sent […]


CFL Irrigation

Ask anyone who lives in Texas to describe the month of August. Chances are, they’re going to use words a fine family company like us might hesitate to print. It’s hot. It’s hotter than hot. It’s an instant farmer’s tan, fry an egg on the sidewalk, sweating in places you didn’t know you had, hot. […]


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