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North Dallas Fall Lawn Care: Essential Fall Clean-Ups for a Thriving Lawn


Instead, leaves continue to fall throughout autumn in Collin County, TX and smother your turfgrass, leading to turfgrass diseases, thatch build-up, bare spots, increased critter activity, and turf death.

At College Fund Landscaping, we provide seasonal leaf clean-up services because it prevents leaves from suffocating the lawn and holding onto moisture.

Fungicide Fix: Top North Dallas Turf Diseases and How to Beat Them

But did you know you now need to worry about fall lawn diseases developing on your Wylie, TX lawn?

For example, if you water your lawn the evening before a hard freeze, you risk your turfgrass to a lawn disease—especially if the soil is saturated due to rainfall and overwatering your yard.


Why October 31 Isn’t Just for Halloween: Fall Pre-Emergent Weed Control for North Dallas Lawns

At this time, weed seeds germinate and will begin to pop up above ground. We want to get the pre-emergent weed control down to form that barrier in the soil to stop grassy weeds from germinating.


From Dull to Lush: How Liquid Aeration Benefits Your Collin County, TX Lawn


At College Fund Landscaping, we provide a liquid aeration solution that loosens the soil without messy plugs littering your lawn. Texas lawns with warm season grasses don’t get traditional core aeration until springtime.

Hot August Lawn Saver: Deep Watering for Lawns in August

Whether it’s a heat dome or a prolonged heat wave that doesn’t let up, the sun stresses your lawn, especially in August when temperatures can soar into the upper 90s and the 100s.

While warm season grasses are drought-resistant and heat-tolerant, they still suffer from heat stress. Fortunately, Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses found on many Richardson and Murphy, TX lawns grow so densely that they can handle the hot, long August days by shading the soil to keep it cooler.


The Ultimate Guide to Watering Your North Dallas Lawn This Summer

It’s essential to strike the right balance regarding watering frequency, ensuring your lawn receives adequate hydration without overwatering. Additionally, proper watering will help your turfgrass grow deep roots and stay healthy, no matter what summer weather is like. Read more …



Saying goodbye to the summer heat and preparing for the chill of the winter can be bittersweet. That’s why at College Fund Landscaping, we want to help transition your lawn this season.  These tips will help you get started. Take Care of Those Leaves on the Lawn As beautiful as the fall foliage is, it […]

In a world where DIY, money-saving hacks are all around us, it can be hard to determine where to draw the line. One factor that many new DIYers fail to take into consideration, is that time is measured in money. But even the best DIY bloggers out there will admit that some jobs need to […]


So many things in life boil down to a simple phrase: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you regularly take vitamins, you practice this. If you change your oil and rotate your tires, you’re doing it for your vehicle.  While all of these efforts won’t stop things from happening, they […]


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