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A soft, green, healthy lawn is a wonderful addition to any North Texas yard. In addition to improving the look and potential value of your home, it also makes spending time outdoors more enjoyable. Your lawn is an extension of your home, an area for the whole family to play, appreciate, and make happy memories […]

Here in North Texas, the early spring sun means we need to think about weed control early. Our balmy climate is like rocket fuel for spring-blooming weeds, and without proper lawn care, that lawn you’ve been looking forward to all winter could end up looking like a wild jungle.  But fear not, because we’re here […]


College Fund Landscaping has a Case of the Blues At College Fund Landscaping, we’ve had an epiphany, and no, it has nothing to do with music. It’s actually related to pre-emergent treatment.  Pre-emergents protect your lawn by creating a vapor barrier that destroys crabgrass and weeds by not allowing the seeds to germinate. It is […]



It’s that time again! The weather is cooling down, the kids are headed back to school (well, some of them), and everywhere you look pumpkins are sittin’ pretty. Fall is finally here.  If you’re anything like us you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief – Texas heat is no joke, especially for those of us […]

Aeration North Texas College FundLandscaping

Sometimes, when we look out our windows at our fresh, green lawns, it can be easy to forget that they are objects in motion. Your lawn and garden are like other living things, they don’t standstill. They are constantly engaged, eating, growing, shrinking, decomposing, defending themselves, and storing energy. Those who take the time to […]


Lawn Care Pre-Emergent

When it comes to controlling weeds and invasive grasses in your lawn, you’ve got two options: pre-emergent and post-emergent control. The vision most people get into their heads is probably post-emergent, that is, some poor soul on their hands and knees yanking crabgrass and dandelions up by the roots. That or someone in a wide-brimmed […]



Q: What did Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant? A: Dead ant, dead ant… Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant! Haha, that’s a bad joke, but all silliness aside, it’s time to talk about pesky fire ants!  If ants are looming around your home they can cause serious […]

Clumpy, fast growing, dull green, coarse, and weedy. Dallisgrass is a noxious weed that invades our North Texas lawns.  Dallisgrass is not only unsightly, it’s problematic. For us, it takes over quickly and chokes out desirable grass. It can become so long that it’s hard to manage by mowing. Not to mention it spreads quickly […]


Did you know there might be a gourmet buffet in your own backyard without you knowing about it?   During this time of year, there may be little bugs under your lawn that are feasting away on the grass roots. These little pests are called GRUBS and when they do this, they’re eliminating the ability for […]


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