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When we think of lawn pests, we often think of unwanted visitors like deer, raccoons, and rabbits, who have an uncanny way of sneaking in and munching away on our landscapes, leaving only nubs, missing, and misshapen plants as evidence that they’ve been there. But there are quite a few more unwanted guests happily munching […]

When it comes to choosing the right type of sod for your North Texas lawn, there are several things to consider. Our unique climate and soil type can make it challenging to grow that thick, green, luscious lawn we all dream of. But fear not – because, with the right sod type and installation method, […]


Every spring when you hit up your favorite big box store, there’s always that display of Weed & Feed. As it’s advertised, it seems like a dream come true. Apply one bag to your lawn and with the combination of fertilizer and weed control all in one, you’ll soon be looking at a green, weed-free […]



If there’s one thing that weeds are, it’s tenacious. They seemingly thrive without any care, are heartier than wanted plants, and their rebellious nature means that attempts to eradicate them can often switch them into overdrive. We’ve seen it all – including crabgrass growing out of pavement down the middle of a highway.  Don’t lose […]

While people don’t typically think of the cooler winter months as a time of growth, once the temperatures start to warm up again, it’s an opportune time for many pesky weeds. This type of growth may not be visible to you as the homeowner, but once the optimum temperatures hit, weeds will start to germinate […]


All across North Texas, something is sweeping through the neighborhoods. Everywhere you look it seems, people’s grass has gone blue! That’s right. Front yard, back yard, side yard, it doesn’t matter. As Bob Dylan said, it’s tangled up in blue. Bluegrass isn’t something you see very often. Heck, even Kentucky Bluegrass is green. So what’s […]



In the old days, soil was soil. Dirt was dirt. You planted seeds on your lawn, watered ‘em, watched ‘em, and sometimes they grew and sometimes, well, there’s always next year. These days, thankfully, we’ve gotten more scientific. We can do a whole lot more than water the grass and hope for the best. You […]

Aeration North Texas College FundLandscaping

Lawn aeration has become an essential part of lawn maintenance and is commonly used alongside mowing, fertilization, and weed control to keep grass strong and healthy. In recent years, a new method for aerating soil has emerged: liquid aeration. Liquid aeration has the same basic aim as manual aeration, but it uses a completely different […]


If you’ve ever been to a garden center or a nursery, then you will probably have come across the terms annual and perennial. They refer to the growth cycle of a plant and are useful in deciding where to place plants, when to plant them, and how to care for them.  But did you know […]


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