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If you’ve ever called College Fund Landscaping, then you’ve probably been lucky enough to experience Mark Hays’ velvety voice. In his role as a customer service representative (CSR), Mark ensures our clients receive exceptional customer service at every stage of their journey and solve any problems they may encounter along the way.  Mark is the […]

You know those ‘Meet the Team’ emails that you eagerly anticipate in your inbox? Well, I hope you like them because they are from me.  Hi! I’m Kelly, and I’m not used to writing about myself. I prefer to write about all of the talented CFL family members, and the amazing stuff they do to […]


Let’s give it up for the newest member of the College Fund Landscaping family, Roberto “Berto” Rivera! Roberto joined us at the start of the month, bringing his many years of experience in the landscaping industry to our team. His customer-first approach caught Matt’s attention and attracted by CFL’s family atmosphere and wholesome values, the […]



We’d like to introduce you to Patrick – a respected and cherished member of the College Fund Landscaping family.  Patrick joined the family as a Fertilization Technician in 2018, bringing more than 14 years of experience to the role. In the two years since, he has worked with hundreds of our most valued customers, winning […]

We are thrilled to introduce you to Gabriel, a treasured and respected member of the College Fund Landscaping family! Gabriel joined College Fund Landscaping in 2017, bringing more than 15 years of industry experience to the team. As a Landscaping Crew Leader, Gabriel keeps projects on track, getting equipment and plants to their destination and […]


Meet Nicole

We are proud and excited this week to shine the spotlight on another incredible member of the College Fund Landscaping family! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nicole! Nicole came to us from California, by way of Oregon. She loves the winter and Oregan suited her just fine until she decided to move to Texas (She’s still […]



It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Nola, a proud and cherished member of the College Fund Landscaping family! Nola has been with College Fund for three years, and WOW has she made an impact! She started working in customer service, but she didn’t stop there. You see, Nola used to own her own […]

We wanted to introduce you to another one of our all stars on the College Fund Landscaping team!  Jorge has the LONGEST TENURE on our team. He was Matt’s first full-time hire over 11 years ago. Born and raised in Texas, his Spanish speaking knowledge comes in handy as the leader of all of the […]


Since we’re not doing as many face to face meetings lately, we wanted to introduce you to one of our all stars on the College Fund Landscaping team!  Oscar was born and raised in Dallas which makes him a die hard Cowboys fan! After high school, he started working in the restaurant industry as a […]


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