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It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Nola, a proud and cherished member of the College Fund Landscaping family!

Nola has been with College Fund for three years, and WOW has she made an impact! She started working in customer service, but she didn’t stop there. You see, Nola used to own her own business, so she’s used to wearing lots of hats. Soon Nola was doing the bookkeeping and managing the office as well. Office manager, account manager, customer service guru: Talk about a person with many talents!

Nola’s passion has always been helping people. As a devoted Christian, she spends much of her time outside of work volunteering, babysitting children with cognitive difficulties and teaching ESL at her local church.

She’s also been known to cut a rug on the Jazzercise floor, and she’s got the moves to prove it! 

Nola is an avid gardener. She can very often be found shopping at the nursery or losing track of time as the sun goes down as she’s still working away in her garden. She loves outdoor ferns and begonias, of which she has 10+ varietes! Her favorites? Dragon and of course, Angel Wing Begonias. [Want to see more of Nola in her garden? Click here!]

She’s a reader and a motivator. She loves self-help and books that teach leadership skills, which she frequently employs in the office.

Nola’s passion for people shines through in everything she does. She doesn’t abide by normal business hours, often burning the candle at both ends to make sure she’s done everything she can to make her customers happy. Her commitment to providing great service and customer satisfaction makes her a delight to everyone she speaks to. 

There’s a saying around the office, ‘Call Nola and Nola will make it right.’

For all of our customers our family here at College Fund Landscaping, truer words have never been spoken.

So the next time you call, go ahead and ask for Nola. No matter what questions you have or concerns you might be facing, Nola will make it right.

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You may request lawn care service by calling our office at 
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You may request lawn care service by calling our office at 
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