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College Fund Landscaping provides a variety of lawn care services for residential properties. Our team of professionals can provide regular:

Mowing and edging services
Lawn fertilization
Shrub trimming and hand weeding
Sod installation
Landscape design and installation
Stonework, hardscaping, and other outdoor features

No matter your needs, our team of experts is here to help you achieve the perfect look for your lawn.
What Is Included in the Lawn Fertilization Packages in Frisco by College Fund Landscaping?

If you want a lush and healthy lawn, it is essential to nourish your grass. Our professional fertilization process guarantees maximum results by assessing your property thoroughly to determine which type of fertilizer will work best with your specific brand of grass and how much should be dispersed at proven effective intervals.

Our certified technicians guarantee that the right nutrients will be added to your lawn when they should be. This plan consists of pre-emergence weed control three times every year to decrease weeds and four fertilization, post-emergence applications during each service session, and one insecticide treatment. Every visit, we provide post-emergence weed treatments to eradicate hard-to-eliminate weeds. And should you need an extra visit between services, it won't cost a thing!

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What Kind of Lawn Care Services in Frisco are Available by College Fund Landscaping?

Yes, lawn fertilization can increase home value. Properly cared-for lawns are generally regarded as more attractive, and they can significantly boost the curb appeal of your property. Healthy grass is also a great way to reduce water consumption and runoff, thus helping to protect the environment and potentially leading to lower utility bills in the long run.

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Does Lawn Fertilization Increase Your Home Value in Frisco, Texas?

Lawn fertilizer is relatively affordable when evaluating your cost per square foot. The average price for lawn fertilization in Frisco, Texas, is roughly $0.05 to $0.10 per square foot for the fertilizer itself, not including the costs of tools, equipment, and labor. For most lawns, the cost of professional lawn care services can range from $49 to $79 for a standard size lot, depending on the level of service and size of the property.

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What Is the Average Price of Lawn Fertilization in Frisco, Texas?

Spring and fall are the best times to fertilize your lawn in Frisco, Texas. In the spring, fertilize your lawn during March, April, and May for green and lush growth and healthy roots. In the fall, apply fertilizer during September and October to boost nutrients before winter sets in.

What Month Should I Fertilize My Lawn in Frisco, Texas?

Lawn care services are essential to keeping Frisco's landscaping looking beautiful and healthy. The climate in Frisco means that lawns need regular maintenance throughout the year, such as mowing, fertilizing, edging, aeration, weed control, and more. When choosing the right lawn care provider for your needs, College Fund Landscaping stands out for its commitment to quality service and attention to detail.

As a fully licensed and insured residential lawn fertilization maintenance provider in Frisco, we offer a full range of lawn care services to help keep your lawn looking its best. Our insured and highly trained professionals are dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of your lawn and providing exceptional services with the utmost safety precautions. So whether you're looking for regular lawn services or special projects, we can happily provide them while backing our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Looking for a Quality Lawn Mowing Service in Frisco?

Frisco is a beautiful city with a wealth of opportunities for local businesses. However, maintaining a well-manicured lawn can take time due to the harsh weather conditions and ever-changing environment of the area. This is why investing in professional residential landscaping services is important to ensure your lawn has the proper care it needs.

Investing in the right residential landscaping services can make all the difference when fertilizing your lawn in Frisco. Frisco's warm-season grasses need extra help to prevent disease, improve growth, and ensure a healthy lawn. Hot temperatures, drought, and heavy rains can cause damage to your lawn if you don't have the right fertilizers and products to counter these conditions.

At College Fund Landscaping, we specialize in providing comprehensive residential lawn fertilization services in Frisco to help you keep your home looking its best. Whether you're looking for regular fertilization services or more extensive lawn treatments, our team of professionals can provide the necessary services to maintain your property.

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