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How do you get the best for your lawn? Choose one of our lawn care and lawn mowing service packages, delivered by our experts in Frisco, Texas. These packages make sure your lawn gets the professional treatment throughout the year. Here's what's included:

  • Frequent lawn mowing services, delivered once a week during growth periods, and every two weeks for the rest of the year
  • Detailing services that keep your borders and edges sharp
  • Full post-service clean-up and disposal
  • Mulching services, helping you recycle the nutrients from glass clippings
  • In addition to these lawn mowing services, we can provide a full range of lawn care options. These include:
  • Fertilization that gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and vibrant
  • Weed-killing services, removing unwanted growth on your lawn
  • Pesticidal services to target optimal lawn health
  • A tailored set of services customized to meet your specific needs
To find out more about what we provide or get a quote for our services — reach out to the team at 972-985-0279.

Lawn Mowing Services Packages in Frisco and What is included

We are the go-to for lawn mowing services across Frisco, Texas. Here's why so many clients trust us to take care of their outdoor spaces:

  • We can do it all — from basic lawn mowing services through to edging and detailing, as well as clean-up, disposal, and more.
  • We have spent more than 20 years delivering top-class services, and this experience shows on every project we take on.
  • We offer competitive rates, ensuring our customers enjoy the best results at a price that suits them.
  • We take care of your lawn in the right way, treating your property with the proper care and respect.
  • We offer year-round regular mowing service packages in Frisco, so your garden is always looking its best.

Why Choose College Fund Landscaping for Lawn Mowing Services in Frisco

The average lawn size in Frisco, Texas is a little bigger than elsewhere in the state. This is an important factor in establishing the price for the project — the average cost for lawn mowing services is around $40 in this part of Texas.

But this is just a rough estimate. Depending on the size of your lawn, the layout of your outdoor space, and the other services you need, you might pay a little more or a little less than this price. To give you an accurate quote, we'll need to discover more about your garden and about the scale of the project.

All of our services are delivered at competitive rates — one of the key factors that make us the right choice for your lawn mowing services in Frisco. Get in touch with our team today and let's discuss what you need. Give us a call at 972-985-0279 and get your quote.

Average Price of Lawn Mowing Services in Frisco, Texas

During those hot and humid Frisco summers, you'll need to mow your lawn more frequently. From late spring through the summer, right up to early fall, it's best to mow the lawn every week to achieve the best results for your garden.

Even during the winter, your lawn will grow. It just won't grow quite as quickly as during the summer months. From late fall, through the winter, into early to mid-spring, it's best to mow the lawn every couple of weeks. This regular treatment also helps you to keep an eye on the health of your lawn, catching any potential problems before they become severe.

But how do you find the time for all this mowing? The solution is simple — call upon the experts here at College Fund Landscaping. Our regular mowing service packages help you give your lawn the right care and attention, without disrupting your busy schedule. We'll tailor your package to suit your needs and deliver our services at a competitive rate, offering full peace of mind without the hassle.

How Often Should I Mow My Lawn in Frisco, Texas?

It doesn't take long for your lawn to grow. With the right conditions — a supply of water, the ideal nutrients, and optimal temperatures — your grass will grow quickly. While Collin County soil is not especially fertile, the lawn turf used in this part of Texas is designed to be adaptable to the local climate. As long as the lawn is properly fertilized and cared for, growth can be rapid.

You've probably noticed that it gets hot, humid, and wet during the summer here. This is ideal for your lawn, and the grass will grow even more quickly during the summer months.

From late spring right through the summer and into early fall, your grass can quickly get out of hand, and you need to be mowing the lawn regularly to keep it in check.

Mowing services help to keep your Frisco lawn looking great, but they are important for other reasons too. Regular trims help to avoid uneven or irregular growth, and provide opportunities for weeding and pest control to ensure optimal lawn health. They also prevent the grass from infringing on flowerbeds, patios, borders, and other areas of your garden, keeping that detailing nice and sharp.

Why Mowing Services Are So Important in Frisco

You love your Frisco, TX home — inside and out. Getting the perfect look for your indoor and outdoor spaces is important to you, and this means you want the very best for your lawn. So, how do you achieve a gorgeous outdoor area — one that truly reflects how you feel about your property? This is where College Fund Landscaping can make all the difference.

Our expert team provides high-quality lawn mowing services to customers across Frisco, Texas. We take the time to cut and trim your lawn to the optimal length, making sure your outdoor spaces look neat, tidy, and welcoming. But we also go far beyond this — our service packages include edging, string-trimming, mulching, disposal, and much more. Everything we offer is geared towards giving you a lawn you can really be proud of.

If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, reach out to our team. We're always ready to chat about what you need, and to offer you a competitive quote. Give us a call at 972-985-0279.

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