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Lawn Sodding in Plano, Texas

Choosing the right type of sod and ensuring proper installation can greatly enhance the beauty and health of your lawn. Our sod installation price is structured per pallet, each covering an area of 450 square feet. It's important to note that we have a minimum order requirement of two pallets.

We offer the following types of sod for Plano residents:

  • Zoysia — Get a Zoysia upgrade from $855. It is a medium to fine-blade grass offering the best shade tolerance and requires the least fertilization and water.
  • St. Augustine — Available at $775, this wide-blade grass is perfectly suited for full sun and partial shade.
  • Bermuda — The Bermuda option is a full-sun-only sod starting at $725.

Note that delivery fees may apply, depending on your location. Additionally, our service includes $195 per cubic yard of topsoil if your project requires installation. This ensures the optimal foundation for your new sod.

Sod Varieties for Plano Residents

Our skilled sod installers in Plano offer a Lawn Mowing Package that includes everything your yard requires for a pristine appearance, with essential tasks like edging, line trimming, and complete property blowing.

We require a minimum of five trips to kick-start this journey toward a beautiful yard. This initial commitment sets the stage for consistent and reliable service. With weekly billing, you can rest assured that your yard will receive the care it deserves without any hassle.

Lawn Mowing Package

Plano, Texas, experiences a blend of weather conditions, making it a suitable location for installing sod. The city's climate, characterized by hot summers, mild winters, and occasional temperature fluctuations, creates an environment conducive to successful sod installation.

Here's why installing sod in Plano is a prudent choice:

1. Mild Winters and Favorable Temperature Fluctuations
Plano's winters are relatively mild, with temperatures rarely plummeting to extreme lows. This means that even during the colder months, the ground doesn't freeze as often or as deeply as in other regions. This minimizes the risk of frost damage to newly laid sod.

2. Adequate Precipitation
Plano receives a fair amount of rainfall throughout the year, with occasional heavy showers. Installing sod during seasons with relatively higher precipitation, like early fall and spring, ensures that the newly laid sod receives the moisture it needs to establish its roots.

3. Extended Growing Seasons
Plano's climate provides an extended growing season for plants, including sod. Installing sod during the early fall or spring gives the grass ample time to establish itself before facing harsher conditions.

4. Reduced Stress on Plants
Sod installation during Plano's milder seasons reduces stress on the sod and the installer. High summer temperatures can be harsh on newly laid sod, requiring constant watering and attention. The cycle soak watering method is ideal to ensure efficient water absorption by your lawn's soil while preventing runoff. Instead of running each sprinkler zone continuously, this approach tailors the watering time for each zone based on its soil's capacity to absorb water without overflow.

5. Faster Results
Given the favorable climate conditions, sod laid during the right seasons can establish its roots more quickly. This means you'll likely see visible results sooner, enjoying a lush and well-developed lawn in a shorter time than installing sod during extreme weather conditions.

Weather Conditions in Plano, TX, and the Benefits of Installing Sod

The prime window for laying sod is late spring when the sod is green and fresh from the farm. The temperature has mellowed from the summer highs, and there's generally more rainfall during these months.

If you lay the sod during winter, the grass is laid out but doesn't grow much — it remains in its block form. The grass remains in place throughout the winter, but it's important to avoid heavy foot traffic. When spring arrives and temperatures rise, the grass will become green, develop stronger roots, and continue growing.

Consider these key points when laying sod in the fall:

  • Like in other seasons, keeping the soil moist but not overly wet during the initial 14 days of fall is crucial.
  • Aim to maintain moisture about 3 inches below the surface during the establishment phase.
  • We apply a starter fertilizer to aid in the grass's establishment during installation. It's recommended to wait approximately 8 weeks before fertilizing new sod. This allows our root-stimulating starter fertilizer to establish itself effectively.

What’s the Best Time for Sod Installation in Plano?

Sod is carefully cultivated and maintained for 18 to 24 months before installation, ensuring you receive beautiful and healthy turf. It adds visual appeal to your property, reduces dust and noise, and increases value.

Moreover, sod is environmentally responsible as it manages erosion, reduces runoff, and protects soil quality while purifying the air and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Healthy

Sod is effective in controlling erosion as soon as it is installed. It acts as a blanket that holds the soil in place, especially on slopes or areas prone to erosion. Heavy rains can easily wash away grass seed and soil until the roots establish, nullifying your efforts.

Sod also prevents mud and mess from being tracked inside by children or pets. Plus, certain sod varieties naturally discourage the growth of weeds.

Erosion Control and Mud Prevention

Seeds that do not germinate successfully or grass that grows weakly are more vulnerable to insect attacks, weeds, and diseases. Addressing these problems requires more time and results in increased maintenance expenses from applying fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides.

Using sod from College Fund Landscaping sod installers in Plano can save you money by avoiding these additional costs.

Easy Maintenance

Using grass seed requires more initial maintenance compared to sod. Depending on the grass type, you must plant seeds at the optimal growth periods. In addition, it is crucial to carefully monitor and water the seeds in the first two weeks for proper establishment. Grass seeds may require constant supervision all year round to mature fully.

Sod, on the other hand, is mature, weed-free, and generally roots in about two weeks with appropriate care. 

Saves You Time

Sod provides instant results. With grass seed, you may have to wait up to three months before the lawn is ready for use. Weather conditions can also affect the growth rate of seeded lawns.

On the other hand, sod instantly gives you a dense lawn ready for use once the roots are established. You can immediately enjoy a green lawn without waiting for it to grow and battle weeds and washouts.

Instant Results

If you're establishing a new lawn or looking to improve your existing one, you may be faced with deciding whether to use sod or seed. While cost is often a factor that leads people to choose grass seed over sod, there are several benefits to using sod that you should consider.

Sod vs. Seeding: Which Option Is Better for Your Lawn?

The choice between sod and seeding can make all the difference in achieving a beautiful lawn. As you consider how to create the lush, vibrant outdoor space you envision, it's important to know the unique advantage of sod installation, the benefits of opting for sodding over seeding, and the favorable conditions that make Plano an ideal location for sod installation.

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