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Soil can present a challenge when compacted since the grass cannot penetrate deep, making them weak. Our team decompacts the soil, through liquid aeration, allowing the grassroots to spread deeply and widely to vital nutrients and water.
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The grass is prone to various diseases caused by humidity and extended periods of wetness, such as Leaf Blight, Gray leaf spot, Brown Patch, ST Augustine Decline (SAD), and Downy Mildew.
We advise preventative measures to curb this problem by caring for and managing your lawn. Fungicide is also applied to prevent and stop the spread of the disease.

Disease Prevention

Fire ants can be a menace and can destroy your well-maintained lawn. As such, College Fund Landscaping has innovative and long-lasting solutions to rid you of this problem using ant treatment insecticides like fipronil.

Ant Protection

Here at College Fund Landscaping, we have vast experience dealing with pests that attack the plant’s roots, thus preventing your lawn from getting nutrients and water. We use pesticides such as trichlorfon, imidacloprid 2F, phosphonate, or dimethyl to eliminate pests.

Grub Control

Gada is an acronym for Grub, Ant, Disease, and Aeration. We offer all-inclusive weed lawn care solutions at College Fund Landscaping to ensure you get a green, lush, weed, pest, and disease-free lawn. Our comprehensive package includes the following:

What Is GADA (Grubs Control, Ant Protection, Disease Prevention, And Aeration) Package in Allen by College Fund Landscaping

At College Fund Landscaping, we have a comprehensive lawn weed control package in Allen that guarantees maximum results. The package helps reduce weeds and includes a pre-emergence weed control program three times per year (which works well in preventing weeds from germinating), one lawn insecticide application, and four fertilization and post-emergence applications during every treatment.We also offer a post-emergence weed control service during every visit in Allen to treat emerging weeds.

Fertilization and Weed Control Package in Allen by College Fund Landscaping and What Is Included

Yes, we do. We offer weed control services in Allen at an affordable price without compromising quality products and service. Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn calls for a professional fertilization process that ensures the lawn receives proper nutrients.
We offer lawn weed control services in Allen, with different methods of fertilizer applications, such as broadcasting, placement, and foliar. We also pay attention to supplying the correct rate, source, placement, and timing for maximum results. Weed control services are also essential and effectively carried out through pre- and post-emergence measures. If you require residential weed control services in Allen,count on us. Our licensed team of professionals has expert skills, cutting-edge machinery, and experience to offer top-notch weed Control Services in Allen and other areas of Texas.

When you hire us for weed control services, you can be assured that your lawn will never be the same again because we listen to your needs and concerns and create customized solutions for every yard in Allen based on its unique needs. Get a free quote from our website with the touch of a button, and you will get an estimate within minutes and say goodbye to pesky, unsightly weeds and hello to a lush, green, and healthy lawn.

Does College Fund Landscaping Offer Weed Control Services in Allen?

Weed control is a proactive year-long battle, so planning ahead will help you eliminate them more effectively. The ideal time to use weed killer is in the warmer months. This is because the weeds are actively transpiring and will therefore pull more herbicide into the leaf resulting in the death of the plant.

Spring is the best season to use weed killers, followed by Fall. Pre-emergence herbicides that kill weeds prior to their sprouting require absorption from the soil to activate, and multiple applications between the fall, winter and spring works best here. Fall, winter and spring pre-emergence also catches weeds in their pre-growth stage before they sprout fully. Pre-emergence weed killers will therefore prevent the sprouting of the weeds. Fall is also an ideal season to use weed killers because weed killers thrive on sudden weather changes, and it ensures that weeds struggle to survive winter.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Use Weed Killer in Allen, Texas?

The winters are relatively mild, and daily high temperatures are around 59° F, rarely falling below 39°F or exceeding 77°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 55°F. Daily low temperatures are around 40°F, rarely falling below 23°F.
The ideal time to get rid of weeds in your lawn is when the sun is out and the day is at its warmest. Avoid mornings, especially when there’s dew, as this will be less effective.


Summers provide warm temperatures and long stretches of clear skies. Spring is mainly a rainy season (March-May) and sometime early fall (September-October) as seasons change. Showers are generally short and intense, with rainy periods lasting 1-2 days.

Summer, Spring, and Fall

The varying climate makes weed growth prevalent, and keeping track of certain weather conditions is essential for your lawn’s health. Weather conditions in Allen, Texas, are as follows on average

Allen, Texas, Weather Conditions

Invasive weeds are a significant setback to a vibrant, healthy, beautiful green lawn. Weed control services and a routine maintenance approach are vital in controlling your yard’s population of unsightly weeds. Weed seeds can invade and spread in your lawn through the wind, soil, water, animals, or poor grass seeds.
Do not let pests and weeds take over your lawn anymore. At College Fund Landscaping, we work hard to ensure you enjoy a beautiful, envious landscape where you can spend treasured, long-lasting memories with your family and friends at affordable, market-competitive rates. Get in touch with us to learn more about our weed control services in Allen.

Weed Control Services in Allen, TX


fertilization & weed control package

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3 Preemergence Applications
4 Fertilization Applications
1 Insecticide treatment
Post Emergence Control with Every Application
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Additional Grub, Ant, Disease & Aeration Option

To maintain a lush and healthy lawn, it is important to make sure the grass is getting the proper nutrients. Our professional fertilization process can insure maximum results. We examine your property thoroughly in order to disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount , at intervals that will be most effective.

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