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Liquid aeration offers similar results to core aeration, but instead of removing soil cores, we use a wetting agent that contains humic acid that helps alleviate soil compaction. Like soil conditioner, liquid aeration penetrates deep into the root zone to break up compaction and allow air and water to reach grass roots.
Our skilled team applies liquid aeration products using a hose-end sprayer to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn allows water, air, and fertilizer to penetrate the root zone. This, in turn, supports root growth by allowing the roots to grow deeper, creating a healthier and thicker lawn.

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Liquid Aeration

Lawn aeration is also referred to as core aeration. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil by removing a core or small plugs of soil and depositing that core on the surface to break down. The aeration process also helps to remove any thatch layer that might exist.


Diseases can have a detrimental effect on your well-tended lawn, and you should always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs such as brown or yellow patches in the grass, grey or white spots on the grass blades in a mottled pattern, and thin areas that used to be lush before. These signs point out diseases such as brown patches, st. augustine decline, take-all rot rote, fairy ring, and bipolaris leaf spots. Our comprehensive Gada package offers remedies to prevent and treat common grass diseases.

Disease Prevention

Ants like acrobat ants, fire ants, and rover ants present problems once they invade your lawn and can cause damage. It is essential to deal with this threat immediately. Our Gada package comes in handy to provide solutions that get rid of these ants by applying a one-time, long-lasting treatment using the active ingredient Fipronil.

Ant Protection

Grubs are the larvae of various beetles identified by their white C-shaped bodies that reside below the soil’s surface. They are notorious for chewing off grass roots and causing extensive damage to home lawns. Preventive control treatments are the first line of defense, and if there are signs of infestation, such as irregular brown patches in your lawn, damaged grass, grass feeling spongy or small animals such as raccoons and birds digging around the lawn, curative control treatment should be applied. Curative treatments are applied after damage has occurred while preventative treatments are applied before damage has occurred.

Grub Protection

Gada is an acronym for Grub Control, Ant Protection, Disease Prevention, and Aeration. This unique package that we offer at College Fund Landscaping is all the elements that work concurrently to maximize lawn health.

What Is GADA (Grubs Control, Ant Protection, Disease Prevention & Aeration) Package In McKinney By College Fund Landscaping

Fertilization is an essential element in lawn care management and maintenance. It provides vital nutrients required to produce strong roots and grasses. Well-fertilized, weed-free lawns are greener and healthier and give back to the environment by making oxygen, cooling the air, and absorbing and trapping urban dust and pollution.

Our lawn weed control service in McKinney has an innovative package that blends weed control and fertilization for a healthy lawn. These treatments are specifically timed and tailored for appropriate seasonal application and contain just the right balance of turf nutrition and weed treatment. The treatments include:

Stage 1 - Weed prevention together with broadleaf weed killer. This allows the grass to grow without the unwanted competition of weeds.
Stage 2 - High balanced fertilizer to begin the year after dormancy.
Stage 3 - High nitrogen fertilizer and post-emerging weed control measures.
Stage 4 - High quality blended fertilizer to help the grass remain robust and withstand the summer heat.
Stage 5 - Fall weed prevention and broadleaf weed control measures plus potassium fertilizer to promote a healthy root system going into the winter months.
Stage 6- Pre-emergent winter weed control to prevent winter weeds along with potassium fertilizer for a healthy root system.
Stage 7 - Pre-emergence treatment and post emergence control
Stage 8 - Fertilization and soil enhancement

Fertilization & Weed Control Package In McKinney By College Fund Landscaping and What Is Included?

Weeds are stubborn and pesky, causing a never-ending battle on the lawn. Our skilled and trained lawn care specialists at College Fund Landscaping use pre- and post-emergent application programs to prevent spring weed emergence and control pervasive weeds in the summer months. Our specialists in lawn weed control services in McKinney use the most effective weed control products on the market.
Some of the common types of weeds we treat in McKinney include and are not limited to:

  • Annual ryegrass
  • Pigweed
  • Dayflower weeds
  • Dichondra
  • Purslane
  • Wild violets
  • Dandelions
  • Henbit
  • Oxalis
  • Wild carrots
  • Creeping Charlie

Suitable and timely pre-emergent herbicide is applied in the top layer of the soil to prevent weed seeds from growing and sprouting.

Does College Fund Landscaping Offer Weed Control Services In McKinney?

Spring is the best time for weed control service McKinney. Weed control management is an ongoing process throughout the seasons. Still, weed killers are more effective in the warm and wet season of Spring to ensure total absorption of herbicides in the soil and to eliminate weeds before they fully sprout.

Fall is the best time to apply pre emergencies. These weed killers are best applied before soil temperatures reach 50 degrees. They will otherwise be ineffective.

When Is The Best Time of Year To Use Weed Killer In McKinney, Texas?

In McKinney, Texas, the summers are hot and muggy, and the winters are cold and windy. On average, temperatures fall below 50°F for 85 days per year. Annual precipitation is typically 39.8 inches per year.

McKinney, Texas Weather Conditions

At College Fund Landscaping, we pride ourselves in creating pristine, lush, and healthy outdoor spaces. To maintain the health of your lawn, you can rely on the expertise of a local professional who offers expert residential weed control services in McKinney, like us. We have skilled and trained lawn care technicians who monitor, cater and treat your lawn. Backed by over two decades of industry experience and using top-of-the-line products, your lawn will be in safe and capable hands. 

Weed Control Services In McKinney TX

fertilization & weed control package

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Additional Grub, Ant, Disease & Aeration Option

To maintain a lush and healthy lawn, it is important to make sure the grass is getting the proper nutrients. Our professional fertilization process can insure maximum results. We examine your property thoroughly in order to disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount , at intervals that will be most effective.

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