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GADA is our acronym for preventative turf care solutions. The GADA package guarantees the health of your lawn by keeping it healthy, weed and disease free. Our GADA package can be purchased with our fertilization and lawn care service. The package also includes the following:
  • We schedule seasonally appropriate services and applications to control pests like fire ants.
  • We apply fungicides and provide post-emergent care that prevents disease development
  • Liquid aeration & Dethatch services twice per year. This helps reduce compaction and thatch buildup and increases oxygen in the soil.
We highly recommend the GADA package as a standard to keep your grass thriving and full. We offer a customized weed control program to help curb the unsightly weeds in your lawn at an affordable price.
It is essential to note that weed control can take a while, and depending on the severity of the weeds in your lawn, multiple applications may be necessary. A comprehensive lawn weed control service in Richardson can significantly reduce stubborn weeds in your yard.

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What is GADA (Grubs Control, Ant Protection, Disease Prevention & Aeration) Package in Richardson by college Fund Landscaping?

To keep your grass looking spectacular, it is essential to ensure vital nutrients are added to your lawn at the appropriate time of the year. Our fertilization and weed control package includes one turf insecticide treatment, pre-emergence weed control three times per year to help reduce weeds, and four fertilization and post-emergence applications during every treatment. For difficult weeds and herbicide resistant weeds , we include a post-emergence weed treatment during every visit to eliminate them. Depending on the time of year, our treatments are scheduled one to two months apart.

What is Included in the College Fund Landscaping Fertilization & Weed Control Package?

Yes, we do. For over two decades, College Fund Landscaping has consistently offered high-quality lawn weed control services in Richardson. When you choose us, expect the best. Our licensed technicians give our esteemed customers more than just a simple application. We value maintaining a great working relationship with each of our customers, which ensures we provide individualized lawn care. From residential weed control services in Richardson to fertilization and grub control, we offer comprehensive services to ensure your lawn is weed-free around the clock. Our attention to detail enables us to do the job right the first time, as we communicate with our customers every step to ensure we give them only the best.

Does College Fund Landscaping Offer Weed Control Services in Richardson?

We recommend the best time to spray weed killer at College Fund Landscaping during the warmer months for hard to treat grassy weeds, however broadleaf weeds can be treated anytime they are present. Weed killer disrupts the growth of weeds by blocking their ability to produce protein and develop roots. Summer is not be the best time to apply pre emergence weed killer because the weeds may have already germinated and grown. Be careful while applying weed killer during summer as this is when the grass is most stressed during the hot months. You would experience the most turf damage during summer.

The best time to apply weed killer is during spring because, at this time, most weeds are still germinating and just beginning to grow. The temperature during spring is moderate-it is neither too cold nor too hot, making it ideal for the weed killers to soak into the soil. Depending on the herbicide being applied, you may need to avoid application in the morning. Some herbicides don’t like dew while others do. Read the label on the product and follow the instructions for best results or allow CFL to do the application for you.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Use Weed Killer in Richardson, Texas?

Residents in Richardson experience hot and humid summers with cold and windy winters. Throughout the year, temperatures vary from 37°F to 96°F and rarely does it go below 25°F or above 101°F. In Richardson, the hot season lasts three and a half months (June 3 to September 17), and the average high temperature is above 88°F every day. August is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 95°F and a low of 76°F. It is usually partly cloudy around the year.
In Richardson, the cold season lasts three months (November 25 to February 24), with an average daily high temperature below 63°F on average. January is the coldest month of the year, with an average low of 38°F and a high of 56°F.

Richardson, Texas Weather Conditions

Weed control is a never-ending battle since they are invasive and can spread viciously. They require much diligence and technique to prevent them from spreading throughout your lawn and destroying its pristine appearance. If weeds have taken over your landscape and you are looking for lawn weed control services in Richardson, you do not have to worry; College Fund Landscaping got you covered. With over two decades of experience, we know a secret or two about weed control services Richardson. The best way to stay weed-free is to maintain healthy grass.
Our team of licensed experts offers a comprehensive weed control program that dramatically eliminates weeds in your yard within two to three weeks following weed-killer application. Contact us for free if some weeds are still present after this duration as all of our treatments are backed by free return trips. Our trained technicians safely deliver the best weed control service in Richardson using the most effective, top-of-the-range products in the market. We calibrate our equipment daily to apply the right amount of product and do contact treatments at peak germination durations for broadleaf weeds. The weed control product needs to contact the leaf surface to ensure it works effectively. The treatment works best when combined with fertilization, mowing, and watering.
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Weed Control Service Richardson, TX

fertilization & weed control package

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3 Preemergence Applications
4 Fertilization Applications
1 Insecticide treatment
Post Emergence Control with Every Application
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Additional Grub, Ant, Disease & Aeration Option

To maintain a lush and healthy lawn, it is important to make sure the grass is getting the proper nutrients. Our professional fertilization process can insure maximum results. We examine your property thoroughly in order to disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount , at intervals that will be most effective.

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