Every year we hold our Annual Scholarship Raffle to give back to local students to help them achieve their dreams of attending college. Today, we are excited to announce the WINNERS of our Scholarship Raffle!

Find out who the lucky prize winners are by watching the video from Adam, Nicole, & Ashley.

We had 10 Raffle Winners who were picked for $500 Scholarships:

  • Charles Lamping nominated Austin Lamping
  • Laura Spence nominated Christa Naber
  • Michele Harkins nomitated Devin Harkins
  • Teri Seitz nomitated Emily Seitz
  • Mandy Hadley nominated Heath Hadley
  • Renna & Par nominated Jai Ghatahora
  • Carl Epstein nominated Michal Epstein
  • Arturo Garcia nominated Victoria Garcia
  • Adballah Ghanayen nominated Zaineh Ghanayen
  • Jeremy Ridout nominated Sarah Mackenzie Ridout

We had 5 Raffle Winners who were picked for $1,000 Scholarships: 

  • Ted McKay nominated Ava McKay
  • Angela Farrell-Cantu nominated Chance Cantu
  • Kimberly Munson nominated Haley Munson
  • Alex Brownlee nominated Kaylee Smith
  • John Kapp nominated Steve Kapp

Our UNT Scholarship winners was given to 4 deserving students

Click on the recipients name to view the very kind thank you letter they wrote to our clients.

Thank you again for supporting our small business. This all started from the beginning with clients who let Matt mow their lawn when he was in high school, so we’re happy to be able to grow and give back more and more each year.

If you’ve won, we will be contacting you soon to learn more about which school of choice you’d like your scholarship to be paid towards.

And once again, congratulations to our winners!


P.S. If you know anyone who is in need of lawn fertilization in Wylie TX please give them our information. As our company grows we are able to increase our scholarship donation to more deserving students!