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We offer our lawn fertilization service in Plano, Allen, McKinney, TX, and nearby areas.

Choose between our two comprehensive lawn fertilization packages to suit your turf's needs!

Regular fertilization is crucial to keeping your lawn healthy and strong. Let our professionals at College Fund Landscaping take care of that for you with our lawn fertilization service! We offer a basic lawn fertilization package, which includes eight visits throughout the year to fertilize and apply weed control treatments. You can also opt for our upgraded package, which comes with everything from the basic one, plus grub control, fire ant control, disease prevention, and aeration!

Our lawn fertilization service is offered to homeowners in and around Plano, Allen, and McKinney, TX. Call us today at (972) 985-0279 to sign up!

Our Basic Lawn Fertilization Program Schedule

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If you want a simple lawn care program that will meet your turf's needs, then our basic lawn fertilization program is perfect for you. When you sign up for this package, we will visit your property eight times from January to December to administer our lawn fertilizer, pre- and post-emergent weed control, and lawn insect control treatments. Here's the schedule we follow:

  • January to mid-February: During our first visit, we will apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to get ahead of spring weeds and eliminate any existing ones on your lawn.
  • Mid-February to March: Our second visit involves another round of pre- and post-emergent weed control applications to take effective control of pesky weeds.
  • April to mid-May: As your grass starts to actively grow again, we will administer its first fertilizer treatment to help it enter the new growing season on the right foot. We'll also apply post-emergent weed control to target any weeds that have popped up on your turf.
  • Mid-May to June: During our next visit, we'll give your grass a nutrient-packed fertilizer treatment to help it get stronger for the summer season. Another round of post-emergent weed control will be administered as well to help kick weeds to the curb.
  • July to mid-August: Our team will spot-spray summer weeds with our post-emergent treatment. We can also treat your grass with fertilizer as needed.
  • Mid-August to mid-September: This visit includes a lawn insect control treatment and another post-emergent weed control application to help keep pests and weeds at bay.
  • Mid-September to October: We'll come out to your property to administer pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to help prevent fall and winter weeds while targeting any that have already surfaced.
  • November to December: We close off the year with nourishing fertilizer and soil enhancement treatments to keep it healthy through winter. We'll also treat your turf with post-emergent weed control!
Our lawn fertilizer treatments are safe for your pets once dry!

We offer another lawn fertilization program that includes grub control, aeration, and more!

If you want to go further for your lawn and give it more than the basics, we have just what you need. Our team offers another lawn fertilization program that includes everything from the basic one, plus grub control, fire ant control, disease prevention, and aeration. Our team will administer our fire ant control treatment during our first visit to help keep them from establishing on your lawn. We'll also aerate and dethatch your lawn during our second visit, then administer a preventative disease control treatment on our third visit.

Between mid-May and June, we'll apply our grub control treatment to get ahead of grubs before they become a serious issue on your turf. We'll aerate and dethatch your lawn again in the fall to improve its access to vital nutrients and allow the roots to grow deeper and stronger. Then, during our mid-September to October visit, we'll apply one last fungal control treatment to help keep diseases from damaging your grass.

Call us today to sign up for our lawn fertilization service!

Our team at College Fund Landscaping proudly offers our lawn fertilization service to residential properties in Plano, Allen, McKinney, TX, and surrounding communities. With our lawn fertilization packages, you can be confident that your grass receives everything it needs to flourish throughout the year. Sign up for our lawn fertilization service today by calling us at (972) 985-0279!

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