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Sod Installation Service in Plano, TX & Surrounding Cities Including Allen & McKinney

We follow a meticulous, comprehensive process when installing your sod so that we do it right.

Do you want to establish a new, instantly beautiful lawn on your property? If so, our team at College Fund Landscaping provides a top-notch sod installation service to help you do just that! Our sod installation process is comprehensive and meticulous to ensure we do it right and give you the best results. Our technicians will also provide an ideal watering schedule for you to follow so that your new sod has the hydration it needs to establish roots. Additionally, we guarantee your satisfaction, so if, for any reason, you're not 100% happy with our work, we'll return at no cost to you to rectify the situation.

We offer our sod installation service to residential property owners in Plano, TX, and other nearby areas like Allen and McKinney. Give us a call at (972) 985-0279 to schedule this service today!

Our Sod Installation Process

Sod installation service in Plano, TX.

When we install sod, we take several steps to ensure that your new turf is well-supported and grows healthily. Firstly, we clear the area of existing grass, weeds, and other debris to create a clean, even surface for the new sod to be laid. Next, we prepare the ground by adding new topsoil and applying fertilizer, which provides a nutrient-rich layer to help your sod take root. This process also helps to improve the overall quality of the soil, which will support your new turf.

Once the ground is fully prepared, we lay the sod carefully, making sure to fit the pieces together tightly to avoid gaps or uneven patches. We also take care to make sure that the sod is level with the surrounding area to create a seamless finish. After laying the sod, we will roll it out to help it make better contact with the soil. That way, it has optimal conditions for root development, and your new lawn looks great immediately!

We'll Recommend an Ideal Watering Schedule for Your New Sod

Once our team installs new sod on your property, it will require some time to be ready for regular use. During this period, it is crucial to follow a strict watering schedule to make sure that your new grass receives all the necessary hydration to become established. An ideal watering schedule for sod typically involves deep watering immediately after installation, watering several times throughout the day for the next two weeks, and less frequent but longer watering sessions for weeks 3-4. After approximately a month, you can return to normal watering.

We Back Our Sod Installation Service With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority here at College Fund Landscaping, which is why we back our sod installation service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If anything isn't up to par with how you expected it to turn out, we'll return to rectify the issue at no additional cost to you. That way, you can rest easy knowing that we won't stop until you're thrilled with the results!

We have been enhancing properties with new lawns through our sod installation service since 1996!

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At College Fund Landscaping, we pride ourselves on our professional sod installation service that delivers a lush, green lawn you can be proud of. Our installation process is thorough and efficient, and our experienced team takes care of every aspect to give you great results. We use specialized equipment to ensure the sod is installed evenly and securely, and we take great care to minimize any disruption to your property.

We offer our sod installation service to residential property owners in Plano, Allen, McKinney, and nearby areas in Texas. Call us today at (972) 985-0279 to schedule this service!

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