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Lawn Disease Control Services in & Around Plano, Allen & McKinney, TX

Our preventative and curative treatments will help prevent and eliminate lawn diseases.

Our team at College Fund Landscaping is highly skilled and trained to provide lawn disease control services. We offer these services to residential properties in Plano, TX, and nearby locations, such as Allen and McKinney. We utilize highly effective preventative and curative treatments that'll help prevent and eliminate lawn diseases like dollar spot, fairy ring, slime mold, root rot, and more! If you want to schedule our lawn disease control services, contact us at (972) 985-0279, and we'll help rid your lawn of disease!

Brown Patch Control

Brown spot growing on lawn in Plano, TX.

Brown patch is a common lawn disease in our area and appears as circular, brownish patches. If your lawn has this fungal disease, then our brown patch control service is just what you need. Once we inspect your lawn and confirm that brown patch is the culprit, we will apply our highly effective curative fungicide to stop it from spreading further. We also offer preventative treatments to prevent brown patch from causing problems in the first place!

Dollar Spot Control

Lawn in Plano, TX, with dollar spot fungus.

If your lawn has small, circular tan patches the size of a dollar coin, it may have dollar spot. Our team offers a professional dollar spot control service to combat this lawn disease, which includes the application of fungicides to get ahead of this lawn disease and treat existing infections.

We most commonly treat dollar spot during the spring and fall.

St. Augustine Decline Control

We offer a St. Augustine decline control service to protect your lawn from this disease. Our preventative treatments will prevent this lawn disease from establishing so that your lawn doesn't become damaged. However, we also provide curative applications to stop it from spreading further.

Fairy Ring Control

Fairy ring disease develops on lawn in Plano, TX.

Fairy ring is a common lawn disease in the Plano, TX, area, but we provide a fairy ring control service to combat it. If your lawn is currently infected with this disease, we'll utilize curative fungicides to eliminate it. We also have preventative treatments to prevent it.

Large Patch Control

Large patch lawn disease.

Large patch primarily affects warm-season grasses like St. Augustine and zoysia grass. With our large patch control service, we'll utilize treatments that prevent this lawn disease from developing and stop the spread of an existing infection. That way, your lawn doesn't sustain any additional damage.

Take-All Patch Control

If you notice brownish-red, tan, or yellowing grass, it might be due to a lawn disease called take-all patch. If you suspect this disease on your turf, contact us, and our technicians will confirm its presence and provide treatment to eliminate it. You can also take advantage of our preventative treatments to ensure it doesn't infect again.

Rust Control

Property in Plano, TX, with rust on grass.

Rust is a fungal lawn disease that appears as a powdery, rusty orange coating on the grass blades. If you notice any signs of rust on your lawn, our team can diagnose and treat it. Additionally, we offer preventative rust control treatments to get ahead of this lawn disease and ensure it doesn't harm your turf.

Leaf Spot Control

Leaf spot disease on grass in Plano, TX.

Leaf spot thrives in warm, humid conditions and is common on lawns in our area. To diagnose and treat leaf spot disease, our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your lawn. Once the disease is identified, we will apply fungicides to eradicate it. Meanwhile, our preventative leaf spot control treatments will prevent it from causing damage in the first place.

Slime Mold Control

Our slime mold control service is just what you need to tackle this lawn disease. We will apply preventative treatments to prevent it, but if it's already causing problems for your lawn, we'll spray the affected areas with our curative applications to eliminate slime mold.

Take-All Root Rot Control

Property in Plano, TX, with take-all root rot.

Our take-all root rot control service provides preventive treatments that can safeguard your turf from this lawn disease. However, if your grass has already been affected by take-all root rot, we can take care of it for you. Our experts will evaluate the extent of the damage and recommend the appropriate course of action.

Winter Kill Control

Winter kill is a term used to describe the damage that occurs to your lawn as a result of extreme frost injury. If you notice that your lawn has been affected by winter kill, our team of experienced technicians can assess the extent of the damage and advise you on the best course of action to revive your grass.

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If you're struggling with a lawn disease or want to prevent it, our team at College Fund Landscaping can help. We offer preventative and curative treatments to control lawn diseases for homeowners in Plano, Allen, McKinney, and nearby areas in Texas. With 28 years of experience, we have the knowledge to provide efficient and effective solutions to control lawn diseases. Contact us at (972) 985-0279 to schedule a treatment today.

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