We wanted to introduce you to another one of our all stars on the College Fund Landscaping team! 

Jorge has the LONGEST TENURE on our team. He was Matt’s first full-time hire over 11 years ago. Born and raised in Texas, his Spanish speaking knowledge comes in handy as the leader of all of the field crews. 

Each day he takes his crews out in the field and teaches them everything from lawn mowing to mulching, sod installation, and more. Training people can be the most challenging part of his work because he has to learn how everyone likes to be taught and identify where they can be strongest on our team. 

Every person who works on our team has been trained by Jorge! He’s always looking for the best people and isn’t afraid to tell them if they’re not a good fit. 

“I look for certain qualities like if they are detail oriented and great listeners. New employees need to understand safety procedures that go along with each type of work so they can avoid injuries and damage to our client’s properties. Besides safety, the number one thing is quality. I want all of our work to be perfect.” 

Jorge is a true believer in the core values of College Fund Landscaping. He loves that we give back to the community (apply for our scholarship raffle here) and he loves working outside. He expects to work here for a long time, and we’re thrilled to have him on our team! 

We hope you get to meet Jorge soon if you haven’t already! We have a 13 point checklist that he uses to identify any opportunities or issues that can help your landscaping stay healthy and look beautiful. 

If you’d like a free consultation about your property we can help. We understand it’s a bit worrisome to meet in person, so we are happy to walk the lawn without you or do it virtually. Let us know your preference by clicking the link below.