Saying goodbye to the summer heat and preparing for the chill of the winter can be bittersweet. That’s why at College Fund Landscaping, we want to help transition your lawn this season. 

These tips will help you get started.

Take Care of Those Leaves on the Lawn

As beautiful as the fall foliage is, it can make a mess of our lawns. 

Large leaves that are left to settle on your lawn over winter can cause moisture to get trapped, resulting in unsightly dead spots come spring as well as disease. In addition, when they have to break down on their own during cold months, they cause a build-up of thatch which makes it harder for the grass roots to get nutrients.  

That’s why we provide our clients with seasonal leaf clean-up services. 

For our customers, we blow leaves from the beds into the lawn and we provide standard mowing services – but with one big exception! In the fall, our mowers are equipped with a bagging attachment that sucks the leaves up and removes them from your lawn. Once removed, we take our bags to a local recycler who turns the leaves into a valuable compost. 

Now, you won’t be asking “why isn’t my lawn greening up?” in the spring! You’ve also made sure that the lawn is able to accept food and nutrients, as well as necessary fall pre-emergent applications from us. 

And speaking of pre-emergents… 

Feeling Blue? Use Blue-Dye Pre-Emergents 

There’s no better time for pre-emergents than fall. 

Pre-emergents are selective herbicides that keep the grass free from undesired weeds. This application works as a barrier, percolating into the soil to stop weeds before they sprout. Applying them in the fall will help your lawn have a better chance of controlling hard-to-kill weeds come spring. 

But what’s blue got to do with it? Our clients are most important to us and to ensure that lawns are being fully treated, we developed a pre-emergent mixed with an FDA-approved, water-soluble dye. This dye not only gives your lawn a blue hue, but it shows our clients that every single square inch of their lawn has been treated. 

To be fully effective, this pre-emergent requires good watering so that it can fully penetrate into your lawn. We understand that life can get away from us so we will leave you with detailed instructions and reminder emails. 

Slowing Down On Mowing 

As the temperatures cool and the grass slows its growth cycle, we’re winding down with it and our mowing occurrences will change. 

We start alternating weeks of mowing in November and once we hit December – February, we mow once per month. 

Don’t worry – if you need additional mowings or leaf cleanups, we are happy to assist to keep your yard looking great. Just let us know.

Conserve Water Before Winter 

It can be hard to get out of the mindset of watering your lawn, but let us assure you—the fall is a time we should adjust our watering cycles. However, keep in mind that you may need to water for fall pre-emergent applications. 

If it all seems a little daunting, have no fear! Reach out to our CFL irrigation professionals to make sure that we’re monitoring temperatures and running sprinkler systems for the appropriate time lengths as we prepare for the winter. 

Holiday Lighting for Your Home 

Let’s make the holidays fun by lighting up your home! Our experienced team can help you stress a little less and provide all planning and installation of your holiday lights. 

We measure our client’s homes to ensure that the lights fit perfectly at every angle. We offer a classic-ridge line and a gingerbread design. No matter the style, we use our favorite commercial LED lights that provide brighter, long-lasting illumination.

Contact College Fund Landscaping for Year-Round Outdoor Care 

We know that preparing your lawn for every season can be a little intimidating, but you don’t have to stress with College Fund Landscaping by your side. Please contact our professionals today so we can prepare your lawn not only this fall but for years to come!