If you’ve ever interacted with Nicole – and you probably have – you know exactly what to expect: fantastic attention to detail, commitment to her work, and every effort to make things perfect.

“Nicole has been a customer service representative for about three years,” says Matt Davis, owner of College Fund Landscaping. “But she moved from Oregon to Texas last year, and now she’s with us in the office.” 

A few months after landing in Texas – where the bugs are “amazingly big” –  she was promoted. 

“Now I’m the sales manager. And the IT manager. And the office manager,” she says. “But I’m honored to be promoted in a company I love. I adore working for a company that gives back and cares about people.”

In addition to the work she does primarily as a sales manager, Nicole also enjoys the other aspects of her job. As IT manager, she does computer maintenance and other related tasks. “As office manager, I enjoy supporting the other employees, making sure they’re happy with their jobs and proud of the work they do. This is a company that cares about its employees just as much as it cares about its customers.”

She also appreciates the commitment CFL makes to its customers. “We ensure customer satisfaction across the board,” she says. “We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and that allows us to address any concerns that customers might have.”

The feeling toward Nicole from the CFL team is mutual: we absolutely enjoy having her here and appreciate her commitment and quality of work. 

“She’s really doing a little bit of everything, particularly in the office manager seat, but she’s really doing a great job,” says Matt. “And I have to kick her out of the office pretty much every day.”

Nicole admits she does have some free time and is enjoying her new life in Texas away from the office. “My husband and I moved to Texas due to the job, and we’re empty nesters,” she says. “I do a lot of video chats with my kids – they’re in Colorado and California.”

But for right now, she is simply enjoying the mix of her new CFL roles and looking toward an even better future with the company. 

“I’m really looking forward to helping the company continue to grow and continue to succeed,” she says. “I also just enjoy providing great customer service to all of our customers that we love and appreciate.”