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If you know anything about us here at College Fund Landscaping, you know that we think we’ve got the best team in the world. Now, you may think we’re being partial, but working with our amazing staff day in and day out is beyond amazing.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to another pivotal, incredible member of our team, the fantastic Coco!

Coco is new to North Texas. She was born in San Antonio and spent most of her life there. While it has been an adjustment, North Texas has everything Coco loves about Texas (and Coco LOVES Texas). 

At College Fund Landscaping, Coco is a Customer Service Representative. She handles customer communications and helps with billing, internal communication, scheduling, and problem resolution. To say Coco is a Jill-of-all-trades is kinda like saying water is wet. Like, duh.

Coco is one of the newest members of the College Fund Landscaping family, she got her start in late March, but her incredible impact is already making waves around the office. Kick Butt Coco has definitely got her stuff in gear. 

And speaking of gears, let’s talk about Coco’s passion: Rallycross. Coco is a gear-head. She loves everything about cars, from driving to car shows, to motorsports. If it’s got four wheels and goes fast, Coco is in!

This passion goes all the way back to Coco’s childhood, where she practically grew up in her grandparents’ auto shop. If you visited an auto shop in San Antonio back in the day and saw a little girl curled up asleep on the couch while pneumatic socket wrenches whirred in the background, there’s a good chance you ran into her. Nowadays if you want to run into Coco your best bet is to visit an auto show or the races, she’ll be the one at rally-cross hanging out near the Subaru tent. 

Coco loves the Fall and her favorite season is Halloween. It goes along with her favorite color black, though the candy might not be her thing. Coco is a meat and potatoes kind of gal. Coco names the oriental stargazer lily as her favorite flower and, a true Texan, the pecan as her favorite tree. 

While Coco is new to both College Fund Landscaping and the landscaping industry in general, she’s grabbing hold and not letting go. We asked Coco what she liked about working at CFL and she said she’s embraced her new role. ‘College Fund is a great company, with great people and a great future.’ While Coco explores her new life in North Texas and her future plans (potentially business school?), she aims to make a long-term mark here at CFL. So far, she’s doing just that.

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