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Fertilization & Weed Control

To maintain a lush and healthy lawn, it is important to make sure the grass is getting the proper nutrients. Our professional fertilization process can insure maximum results. We examine your property thoroughly in order to disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount , at intervals that will be most effective.

During fertilization we can identify any problem weeds, and take corrective measures to prevent damage and spreading. Please call us today to speak to one of our experts for an estimate or to answer any questions you may have about Fertilization and Weed Control.

Our licensed technicians will ensure the proper nutrients will be added to your lawn at the proper time of the year. This package includes pre-emergence weed control 3 times per year to help reduce weeds and 4 fertilization and post-emergence applications during every treatment. Some weeds like dandelions do not have a pre-emergence control. These weeds have to be treated after emergence. During every visit we include post-emergence weed treatments to kill these hard to control weeds. If you need an additional visit in between services, we can schedule at no additional charge to you. The package also includes one turf insecticide treatment.  Our treatments are scheduled 1-2 months apart depending on the time of year.

This package can be purchased in combination with the fertilization and lawn care service. Seasonally appropriate services and applications will be scheduled to control pests such as grubs and fire ants. We’ll also apply fungicides that help proactively work against developing diseases as well as provide post-emergent care so that a disease doesn’t takeover your lawn. Liquid aeration & Dethatch services two times per year to reduce thatch build up, reduce compaction, and increase oxygen to soil. This allows the grass roots more opportunity to spread their roots to get to vital oxygen, water and nutrients. This package is an additional service that is offered to our fertilization and weed control clients who want extra care for their lawn and pricing is based upon square footage.

Fertilization and weed control

GADA – Grubs Control, Ant Protection, Disease Prevention & Aeration


License# TDA 0753253

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Round 1         January/Mid-February
Pre-emergence treatment with post-emergence control 
Fire Ant (with GADA package)

Round 2        Mid-February/March
Pre-emergence treatment with post-emergence control 
Aeration & Dethatch (with GADA package)

Round 3        April/Mid-May
Fertilization and post-emergence control
Fungal control (with GADA package)

Round 4        Mid-May/June
Fertilization and post-emergence control 
Grub worm treatment (with GADA package)

Round 5        July/Mid-August
Post-emergence spot treatment for summer weeds & fertilization as needed

Round 6       Mid-August/Mid-September
Turf Insecticide treatment and post-emergence control 
Aeration & Dethatch (with GADA package)

Round 7        Mid-September/October
Pre-emergence treatment with post-emergence control
Fungal control (with GADA package)

Round 8        November/December
Fertilization and soil enhancements with post-emergence control
*typical yearly schedule can vary based on weather conditions from year to year

sample schedule

New customers may receive prior rounds depending on start date in order to receive full benefits.

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