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Grub Control: A Backyard Bug Buffet

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Did you know there might be a gourmet buffet in your own backyard without you knowing about it?  

During this time of year, there may be little bugs under your lawn that are feasting away on the grass roots. These little pests are called GRUBS and when they do this, they’re eliminating the ability for your lawn to suck up water and nutrients. Eventually this can lead to severe stress and death of the lawn in patches.

In the spring and fall, grubs are the larvae stage of many beetles like June Bugs and May Beetles.

The good news is we have options to control them! 

Curative Treatments

If you already have a grub problem, we apply a form of Imidacloprid 2F (or trichlorfon, dimethyl, phosphonate) which is a fancy talk for a pesticide that flows through the grass and when the grubs feed on the roots they will become paralyzed and die. 

Curative pesticides will only kill the grubs, they will not bring the yard back. The grass will eventually grow back, or we can install sod if the damage is extensive. That’s why we recommend prevention. 

Preventative Treatments 

A few grubs are no big deal. In fact, there are grubs in every healthy yard. However, the general rule of thumb is no more than 6-7 grubs per square foot of lawn. Bad infestations can roll up the grass like carpet when the root system is compromised.

Preventing a grub infestation is a better solution because we can keep the grubs at a healthy population before the damage is done. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about your lawn dying. We’d love to help you get (and keep) the best yard on the block. That’s why we have a program that works to keep your grub population managed so your backyard doesn’t turn into a bug buffet. 

College Fund Landscaping’s GADA Program

GADA stands for Grub, Ant, Disease, & Aeration. It’s our little acronym for preventative turf care solutions that will keep your lawn healthy – which means green, lush plus weed and disease free. 

Our GADA program is an additional service that is not included in our standard 7-Step Fertilization and Weed Control Program. Here’s a link to our website where you can learn more about it. If you’d like to request a quote, click the link below!

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You may request lawn care service by calling our office at 
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