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There’s something special happening over at College Fund Landscaping. We’re growing! As a business owner, there’s nothing quite like watching your team grow. Why? Because the team is everything. Their hard work is the reason this entire company exists. That’s why it is so exciting when we get to add new members to the team. Each new team member brings their own special set of skills to the table and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Kendrick to the team!

Kendrick joined the team in the summer (we know we’re late to introductions, but hey, we’ve been busy) as a fertilizer technician. He brings with him 2 years of experience in a similar role with TruGreen. He joined College Fund after a conversation with Matt led to a job interview. Kendrick cites Matt’s willingness to stop and chat as one of the reasons he got a good feeling about College Fund Landscaping in the first place. CFL takes the time to listen, not only to team members but to customers as well. And that commitment to service is a big difference between Kendrick’s current employer and his previous. 

Kendrick, his grandma and nephew enjoying a nice walk though downtown Plano

On a normal day, Kendrick’s job as a fertilizer technician has him working closely with the CFL team. He goes to job sites and carefully applies the fertilizer and weed control, which he is well-trained and well-equipped to manage. This task is more complicated than it sounds, as Kendrick has to analyze the structure of the lawn to ensure it is ready for treatment. Applications may be different depending on the specific property, and he has to adjust his technique if he’s spraying for pre-emergents, post-emergents, weeds, or if he’s fertilizing turf. 

He always makes sure to make himself available to homeowners to answer any questions they might have, and lucky for us he’s got plenty of knowledge to share. 

Kendrick hasn’t been with CFL long, but already he’s making a mark with his talent, drive, and reliability. In the future, Kendrick will be looking to expand this role into a managerial position with College Fund Landscaping, and we definitely think he’s heading that way. 

Kendrick and his siblings supporting their younger brother

Outside of work, your best bet is to look for Kendrick at the gym. He works out before work three times per week. Yes, you read that right. Since CFL starts the day bright and early, that means Kendrick is up at 4 AM and pumping iron while the rest of us are catching Z’s. When he’s not at the gym he’s probably outside, walking or jogging with his pitbull. Or at a barbeque, when it’s finally time to replenish the calories he’s already burned. 

Kendrick is into cars, bikes, anything with wheels really. Oh, and sports. Playing, watching, you name it. Kendrick doesn’t discriminate and judging by his exercise routine, we’re thinking if you take him on, you might be in for it. 

Kendrick was born in Dallas, about 45 minutes from the CFL offices. His family is still in the Dallas/Plano region, which makes it easy to visit whenever he wants. 

One thing Kendrick wants to share with homeowners is the risk associated with lawns heading into dormancy for the winter. Lots of people aren’t aware that this time of year is when your lawn is most at risk for disease, so it’s a good time to pay attention and give it some extra love from fertilizer technicians like Kendrick. 

For Kendrick, the move over to College Fund Landscaping has been refreshing. He loves the family environment and the attention to detail that we are able to offer our clients. There’s no-churn and burn here like with other landscaping companies, everyone works hard for each other. At College Fund Landscaping, we take the time because we care about our customers and we care about achieving the best results. That’s why Kendrick seems to fit right in.

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