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North Texas Sod Installation Gives You an Instant Lawn

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If you’re looking for a new lawn or fixing trouble spots in your lawn – you’ve come to the right place! Installing sod will give you an instant lawn that is nearly established. There’s no need to wait for the seed to grow and installing sod will reduce pressure on you to keep everything watered. 

98% of our North Texas sod installations are suggested after a client’s Bermuda Grass is found unsuccessful under shade trees. Frequently home builders will install Bermuda Grass as it does well in our area, but when large shade trees mature, we find that it’s not the best option for the space anymore. 

Installing the wrong type of sod being into an area is very common. 

Other common causes of turf damage and loss are:

  • Overuse, excess traffic, construction or pet damage 
  • Debris buildup including leaves, toys, trampolines, swing sets, etc 
  • Fungal diseases or insect infestations that wipe out a type of grass
  • Over/under watering or poor drainage to the area 
  • Excess sun or shade (ie: wrong type of grass for the area) 

No matter what your concerns are, if you’re looking for an instant lawn, a professional sod installation service will help! 

The Best Grass for North Texas Counties

These three grass types work best for the following counties in North Texas: Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Dallas, Carrollton, Richardson, Murphy, Sasche, & Whylie. 

Bermudagrass – Recommended for Full Sun 

Bermudagrass is extremely drought tolerant, meaning it can withstand the hot summer sun and lack of rainfall. It reaches maturity fairly quickly when seeded into soil. Once it’s established it can hold up against a lot of traffic and has a tolerance to low mowing heights.

Zoysiagrass – Recommended for Full Sun to Partial Shade 

Zoysiagrass is very diverse and includes at least 11 different species that can be used to build a lawn. It thrives in shade and doesn’t require as much fertilizer as other grass plants. Since the roots are shallow, zoysiagrass may not be as tolerant to drought. 

St. Augustine – Recommended for Full Shade 

St. Augustine grass has deep roots and can withstand both shade and drought and is one of the more popular choices for residential lawns. This is one of our favorites. 

If you’re not sure which grass type is best for your property, our turf experts can help assess the area based upon a few characteristics. We look at soil type, watering, shade, and proximity of other plants that share the same nutrients, among other factors. 

Understandably, price may also play a role in your decision making process for which type of sod to install in your lawn. 

Sod Installation Pricing and Costs for North Texas 

Installing new sod will give you an amazing, instant new lawn! The grass will be (almost) ready to use. For that reason, sodding can be more expensive than seeding a lawn. 

Sod is typically purchased in pallets. Pallets include 450 square feet of sod. You can do quick math on how much this would mean for your yard by taking your lawn square foot and divide it by 450. This will give you the number of pallets required. 

The following pricing table shows how much one pallet of sod costs. These prices INCLUDE installation fees. 

  • Bermuda $675
  • St. Augustine $695 
  • Zoysia $795 

In addition to purchasing the sod, your property may also require top soil or other amendments to help the lawn. Topsoil installed is $150 per cubic yard. 

Instant gratification is pricey but worth the cost! And it’s not hard to achieve. Here’s our process to install sod. 

When and How to Install New Sod

Here in North Texas, we can install sod any time of year. However some seasons are preferred such as the spring and fall. 

Spring provides us with more rainfall to help you in your watering practices. Fall allows the grass to still green up before winter and look great next spring. The heat of the summer may mean additional babysitting because of the extreme heat. And in the winter, some grasses may be slower to root and not green up until spring. 

No matter what time of year you choose, our process remains the same. 

Step 1: 

The areas to be sodded will be hand tilled, graded, and raked to remove all previous weeds and grasses. College Fund Landscaping will also flag yoru irrigation system heads to avoid damages.

Step 2: 

Once proper grading and drainage is achieved, we recommend a starter fertilizer application to allow quick rooting of the new sod. 

Step 3: 

After your high quality turfgrass sod is put to the ground, we will give the area a final roll with a weighted lawn roller to insure proper adhesion to the ground and no air pockets.

Once your new sod installation is complete, you will have a lush, full lawn that looks beautiful! 

But before you play on it, we recommend the following watering and after care best practices. 

New Sod Watering Tips 

Until the sod has reached maturity, you want to limit the amount of traffic on it. This includes lawn mowing, fertilizing and people. 

How do you know when new sod has reached maturity? 

Check to see if the grass is rooting by pulling up a few corners in discrete areas. If it is hard to pull then the grass is successfully taking root! Typically this process takes 30-60 days depending on the time of year and amount of water and sunlight. 

Proactive Communication 

When you choose College Fund Landscaping for your professional sod installation, you’ll receive timely watering tips from our office staff. These emails will provide you with instructions for each phase of your sod’s growth. We’ll also recommend when you can resume mowing. 

Sometimes lawns get stressed and we’ll let you know what to look for, how to correct the problem, and when something might really be wrong. This is critical for your new lawn because many companies do not offer a warranty on sod installations. 

Caring for Your New Lawn after Sod is Installed  

Once you have a brand new lawn, we understand you don’t want to go back to the way it was! 

College Fund Landscaping can help you remain proud of your lawn with our full service lawn maintenance plans. Our experienced teams will feed your lawn, apply crabgrass preventer, and get rid of weeds so that you’re able to enjoy your outdoor living space with your friends and family all year round. 

From the very beginning stages of getting a quote to the final touches, College Fund Landscaping will be there to guide you, answer questions, and work diligently to provide you the best lawn care service available.

We are a recognized leader serving local North Texas customers with residential lawn care and weed control services. From lawn care, mowing, to landscaping and yard cleanup, you can rely on us to bring experience, beauty, and value to your lawn care project.

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