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Lawn Care

College Fund Landscaping can make it happen if you want to rejuvenate your lawn. We are passionate about providing top-grade lawn care services close to none in Texas. Our exceptional work is backed by over two decades of providing affordable, quality full-service lawn care (our main areas of concern are weekly mowing, fertilization, and weed control) that is bound to turn heads. Our professional team offers customized and comprehensive solutions to your unique needs. Let us help you achieve and maintain the landscape of your dreams without breaking a sweat or the bank. 

Our licensed technicians will ensure the proper nutrients will be added to your lawn at the proper time of the year. This package includes pre-emergence weed control 3 times per year to help reduce weeds and 4 fertilization and post-emergence applications during every treatment. Some weeds like dandelions do not have a pre-emergence control. These weeds have to be treated after emergence. During every visit we include post-emergence weed treatments to kill these hard to control weeds. If you need an additional visit in between services, we can schedule at no additional charge to you. The package also includes one turf insecticide treatment. Our treatments are scheduled 1-2 months apart depending on the time of year.

This package can be purchased in combination with the fertilization and lawn care service. Seasonally appropriate services and applications will be scheduled to control pests such as grubs and fire ants. We’ll also apply fungicides that help proactively work against developing diseases as well as provide post-emergent care so that a disease doesn’t takeover your lawn. Aeration will de-compact the lawn by pulling plugs from the soil about 3-4 inches deep. This allows the grass roots more opportunity to spread their roots to get to vital oxygen, water and nutrients. This is an additional service that is offered to our fertilization and weed control clients who want extra care for their lawn and pricing is based upon square footage.

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GADA – Grubs Control, Ant Protection, Disease Prevention & Aeration


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Lawn care means providing overall care to the health, color, and vitality of your lawn annually, including the health of soil and turf. Lawn care services include: 

  • Fertilization
  • Grass lawn cutting
  • Edge trimming 
  • Pest and weed control
  • Aeration & thatch control
  • Debris removal
  • Soil testing and Mulching
  • Turf maintenance 
  • Irrigation systems
  • Deep root feeding (for trees and shrubs)
  • Irrigation 
  • shrub pruning
  • Root stimulants & developers
  • Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control
  • Post-emergent weed and crabgrass control

College Fund Landscaping is knowledgeable and equipped to keep your lawn in good shape throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter while improving the curb appeal of your lovely home. These services can be overwhelming to keep up with, so it would be best to leave them in the hands of experts like us.

What Is Lawn Care Service?

Why Is Lawn Care So Important?

It is essential to keep your lawn healthy to withstand threats from damaging insects, weeds, grass patches, and soil erosion. Proper lawn care also ensures your turf can survive harsh weather conditions, improve your home’s curb appeal, and guarantees your lawn is nutrient-dense. Similarly, it can help conserve the environment and reduce ecological risk resulting in improved quality of life. 

According to studies, regularly surrounding yourself with green spaces such as lawns is a stress reliever, boosts moods, and increases productivity. Another great benefit of lawn care is that a conditioned lawn can protect against hot temperatures, resulting in improved temperature moderation and low energy bills during summer. The evaporation process reduces the solar heat impact. Consider hiring full-service lawn care services from College Fund Landscaping so that you can look forward to a healthy, lush lawn. 

What Is a Good Lawn Maintenance Schedule?

A lawn maintenance schedule is also known as a lawn care calendar. Adherence to a consistent and comprehensive schedule for lawn care maintenance is essential. This ensures your lawn is lush and green all year round. A maintenance schedule ensures your lawn will not be vulnerable to diseases, weeds, and pests. When you schedule College Fund Landscaping lawn maintenance service, your yard will be exponentially healthier, so you won’t have to panic about problems cropping up on your property. We create maintenance schedules suited to your lawn’s type of grass and locality. The following is a summarized lawn care schedule for Texas per season: 

  • Fall Lawn Care (September, October, November)
  • Water fewer times 
  • Switch to bi-weekly mows (november)
  • Fertilize
  • Rake away debris
  • Aerate
  • Fill in bare spots with sod or seed
  • Winterize lawn mower
  • Continue with regular weed and pest control
  • Mow one last time
  • Apply pre-emergents for winter weeds 
  • Winter Lawn Care (December, January, February)
  • Aerate 
  • Protect dormant grass
  • Remove fallen leaves 
  • Water fewer times
  • Reduce the height of mower blades
  • Bi-weekly or monthly mows until the first frost
  • Continue to hand-pull weeds
  • Apply soil enhancements to prep lawn for spring 
  • Plan for the next season 
  • Spring Lawn Care (March, April, May)
  • Aerate
  • Test soil
  • Apply pre-emergents for spring/summer weeds
  • Lay down sod or seed to fill in bare spots
  • As needed, put down post emergents
  • Fertilize
  • Begin mowing again
  • Dethatch (If Necessary) 
  • Summer Lawn Care (June, July, August)
  • Apply post-emergents
  • Pest control
  • Fertilize
  • Pull left-over weeds
  • Set mower blades higher
  • Prevent and Control Lawn Grubs
  • Water adequately

What Should I Do To Maintain My Lawn Each Month?

Ensure you clean underneath your lawn mower at least once every month. This is essential since it prevents the spreading of diseases throughout your lawn. You can also remove large clumps of grass clippings, leaves, debris, and twigs. Employ the appropriate management practices during the right season of the year. The lawn maintenance schedule mentioned above can guide you on what needs to be done to your lawn every month.

How Many Times Should I Fertilize My Lawn? 

Lawn fertilizers are categorized into liquid water-soluble, granular slow-release, synthetic, and organic. Generally, fertilizer should be applied one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn in a single feeding. It is important to follow the instructions on the fertilizer label. Apply fertilizer to your lawn when grass grows the fastest for the best results. By doing this, you support the natural growth cycle of your grass for both warm and cool season grasses. It also ensures that the grass is relaxed and manageable when it should be focusing on surviving and strengthening its roots for self-sustenance.

How often you fertilize your lawn depends on the fertilizer, ingredients, type of turf grass, the amount applied, nutrient level, how frequently you water your property, and soil texture. Combining all these factors can help determine when to apply lawn fertilizer. A soil test is the best way to determine how much fertilizer your lawn requires. You can still fertilize your lawn without a soil test, but it can be beneficial if you use less fertilizer. Excessive fertilizer use is not good for your lawn because:

It can pollute the environment if it runs off into local streams. 
You may risk “burning” your grass, which occurs when its natural nutrients are sapped, causing it to brown. 
It is a waste of money.

How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost?

While pricing may fluctuate depending on the service(s) you need, College Fund Landscaping provides affordable lawn care services without compromising quality service. We offer a quick, free quote estimate on our website for anyone who wants to enjoy affordable, top-notch service. Our prices start from as low as $33.95 for mowing and $49.95 for fertilizer application. We pride ourselves in giving back to the community by contributing to local scholarship funds enabling many students to attend college. We have various options for lawn care services suited for any budget, with no hidden costs.

What Does Our Lawn Mowing Service Include?

If you are located in Allen, Texas, looking for residential lawn care service, complete landscaping, full-service lawn care, lawn mowing, or residential lawn care service. In that case, College Fund Landscaping has your back. Our professional lawn services include:

  • Fertilization and Weed Control
  • PH Balancing & Lime
  • Core Aeration
  • Grub Control
  • Shrub and Bed Care
  • Lawn Pest Control 
  • Mowing
  • Edge, Line Trim, and Blow for The Entire Property
  • Weekly Billing
  • Mulch
  • Customized Irrigation/Lawn Sprinkler System Tailored for Your Property

Contact us today for more information on our lawn care services. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about lawn maintenance and how our team can help. 

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3 Preemergence Applications
4 Fertilization Applications
1 Insecticide treatment
Post Emergence Control with Every Application
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Additional Grub, Ant, Disease & Aeration Option

To maintain a lush and healthy lawn, it is important to make sure the grass is getting the proper nutrients. Our professional fertilization process can insure maximum results. We examine your property thoroughly in order to disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount , at intervals that will be most effective.

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