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There are many factors that make us the right choice for your lawn mowing project.

  • We have over 20 years of experience in this business, and our client testimonials demonstrate the quality of the results we achieve.
  • We offer a range of different lawn care plans, delivering comprehensive lawn treatments without the need for contracts or commitments from our clients.
  • We also provide lawn fertilization, weed-killing, and pesticidal services, as part of an extensive array of lawn and landscaping services.
  • We operate a competitive pricing structure, so you can achieve the right results without going over budget.
To discover more about our services, reach out to the team today, or get a quote for lawn mowing services and more from College Fund Landscaping.

Why Choose College Fund Landscaping for Your Lawn Mowing Services?

Our lawn mowing services cover numerous locations across Texas. Take a look at our service area list below and find out if we cover your region.

Plano – 75023, 75025, 75075, 75074, 75024, 75093
Frisco – 75035, 75034, 75033
Allen – 75013, 75002
McKinney – 75070, 75071
Dallas – 75287, 75252
Carrollton – 75007
Lavon – 75116
Murphy – 75094
Richardson – 75080, 75082
Sasche – 75098, 75048
Wylie – 75098

Lawn Mowing Services Areas in Texas

Our rates are competitive, so you can always be assured you're getting the right price for your lawn mowing services. The precise cost of our services depends on the total area and layout of your lawn, as this will influence the duration of the project. Before we begin, we'll give you an accurate quote for lawn mowing service, so you will know exactly what you can expect. This is all part of our commitment to our clients.

How Much Does It Cost for Lawn Mowing Services by College Fund Landscaping?

Mowing services are about more than just trimming your lawn. We'll also utilize our professional equipment as we complete edging tasks, making sure that your outdoor space looks sharp and smart, and bringing out the best in your garden's features. String-trimming and other techniques also help us achieve the professional-quality results you'd expect from our expert team.

We understand that mowing and garden work can leave unsightly debris. This is why we include clean-up and disposal in our lawn mowing services, such as deploying blowers to remove debris from patios and other surfaces. Our expert approach helps us achieve excellent health for your lawn, and we draw upon extensive experience as we decide on the best mowing practices for your outdoor spaces — for example, we alternate our mowing pattern each week to avoid creating ruts in your lawn.

College Fund Landscaping can provide regular services as and when you need them. During late spring, through summer, and early autumn, we offer more frequent service, taking care of your lawn during these periods of fast growth. The rest of the year, we offer regular services that reflect the slower growth during the winter months, ensuring your lawn always looks its very best.

What Does Our Lawn Mowing Service Include?

We have designed our lawn mowing services to be efficient and effective. This means we take the appropriate care and attention over your lawn, not rushing the job and making sure that the health of your lawn and the aesthetic of your space is just right. At the same time, we don't take too long over your project, putting customer care and convenience first every time.

To give you an accurate estimate for your project, we'll need to take a look at your lawn. Larger areas of grass, or lawns that are arranged in intricate patterns and divided with patios and borders, can take a little longer. Generally speaking, mowing services take around 40 minutes to cover an acre of open grass, but this time could be longer or shorter depending on other factors. Edging and finishing, as well as clean-up, can further extend this time, but we always work to achieve the right results within an acceptable timeframe.

How Long Does Cutting Grass Usually Take?

Yes, mowing is necessary for maintaining a great-looking and healthy lawn. Lawn grass needs a stable temperature, hydration, moisture, and the right level of nutrients to grow in a healthy way. When all of these conditions are achieved, grass will grow at a fairly rapid rate — around a tenth of an inch a day on average, and double this during growth seasons like spring.

This means your lawn can very quickly get out of hand. Unkempt grass detracts from the aesthetic of your property, quickly making a neat and tidy outdoor space lose its luster and shine. This grass also tends to infringe on other areas of your property, spilling over onto patios and borders and harming the overall look of the space.

There is also the health of your lawn to think about. When grass grows too long, it can block sunlight from reaching all sections of the lawn, leading to patchy and uneven growth. It also makes it difficult to spot weeds and pests that can further damage your outdoor space.

Is Mowing the Lawn Necessary?

You're proud of your Texas property. Your house offers a gorgeous first impression for visitors and is a place you can really feel at home. Of course, you want to enhance this look even further, providing a neat and tidy setting that keeps your property looking its very best. This is why you need expert lawn mowing services in Texas.

Lawn mowing services keep your outdoor spaces looking smart and well-kept. They also help you to protect the health and character of your lawn, achieving a bold and lush garden space that stays this way for longer. To achieve this for your home, call upon the experts at College Fund Landscaping.

Want to find the leading lawn mowing services for you and for your Texas property? Give College Fund Landscaping a call today at 972-985-0279.

Lawn Mowing Services from College Fund Landscaping

Plano - 75023, 75025, 75075, 75074, 75024, 75093
Frisco - 75035, 75034, 75033
Allen - 75013, 75002
McKinney - 75070, 75071
Dallas - 75287, 75252
Carrollton - 75007
Murphy - 75094
Richardson -75080, 75082
Sachse - 75098, 75048
Wylie - 75098
Lavon - 75166

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