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At College Fund Landscaping, we understand Frisco's unique climate and soil conditions. Our experienced team will guide you on the right sod that thrives in your area, give you a quote, and transform your lawn in no time.

Don't let Frisco's climate hinder your dream lawn. Choose College Fund Landscaping's sod installation in Frisco for an instant, hassle-free yard transformation.

Why College Fund Landscaping?

Whether you're a new homeowner or a seasoned landscaping enthusiast, you want to ensure your sod grows successfully to create that neat, manicured lawn. By following these tips, you can ensure that your new lawn flourishes and remains beautiful for years.

Optimal Watering for New Sod
Maintaining consistent watering is the key to helping new sod establish strong roots. Use cycle and soak watering to deliver water to your lawn in short intervals, allowing the soil to absorb it without runoff.

Instead of running each sprinkler zone continuously, determine the time each area can handle without water overflowing. Split the total irrigation time into two or three sessions, watering each zone, turning off to allow absorption, and then watering again. Continue the process about one hour apart until the soil is sufficiently moistened to a depth of 6 to 8 inches.

Rooting Time for New Sod
Within 10-14 days of installation, the new sod should begin to take root. This is the appropriate time to perform the first mowing. Set your mower to the highest setting to avoid cutting the grass too close to the delicate new roots.

Avoid walking or running on the newly laid sod, as it can hinder proper root development. If you have pets, limit their contact with the fresh sod.

Applying Pre Emergence
Avoid applying pre-emergence herbicides to newly installed sod, as they can hinder the growth of roots. Allow a waiting period of 6 to 8 weeks before considering pre-emergence treatment. If you've laid sod during winter, postponing pre-emergence treatments until late April or early May is advisable.

Mastering New Sod Care

At College Fund Landscaping, we understand that every landscape is unique, so we offer a range of high-quality sod varieties for Frisco, Plano, and McKinney residents in the Texas area. Our selection includes Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia sod, each with distinct characteristics that suit various landscaping preferences.

Let's explore these options and discover which aligns perfectly with your vision.

Bermuda Sod: Vibrant Resilience
Bermuda sod thrives in warmer climates and exhibits remarkable drought tolerance, making it an excellent choice for regions that experience extended periods of heat. Its robust root system allows it to recover quickly from wear and tear, thus ideal for lawns that experience frequent foot traffic or play. If you're looking for a lush, low-maintenance lawn that can withstand the challenges of a dynamic environment, Bermuda sod is your top choice.

St. Augustine Sod: Elegance at Its Best
Known for its rich emerald hue and thick, carpet-like growth, this variety creates a velvety canvas that's a joy to walk on. St. Augustine grass flourishes in slightly shaded to full sun areas, so it’s perfect if you have trees or structures that cast partial shade.

Its rapid growth and spreading nature help fill out your lawn efficiently, giving it a full and uniform appearance. If you envision a plush oasis where you can sink your toes into the grass, St. Augustine sod is the answer.

Zoysia Sod: The Ultimate Blend
Zoysia sod strikes a harmonious balance between durability and refinement. This variety boasts exceptional tolerance to foot traffic, and its fine texture exudes a sense of elegance.

It forms a dense turf that naturally resists weed invasion and grows at a moderate pace. If you desire a versatile and visually captivating lawn that doesn't compromise on endurance, Zoysia sod checks all the boxes.

The Best Sod Varieties for Your Home

Sod provides a diverse range of grass varieties and offers a rapid installation process. College Fund Landscaping can install a lawn in just a single day, with the area ready for use in a matter of weeks. The superiority of sod over seed lies in its uniformity and cover.

If you're looking to transform and elevate your home's value, College Fund offers a variety of sod and turfgrass products. As a licensed and insured sod installation contractor, we can guide you in finding the ideal solution for your lawn.

Choosing Sod for Your Frisco Home

Are you looking to create a perfect lawn for your home? There's no need to wait months for seeding or to go through the hassle of managing new grass growth. With sod or pre-grown grass in rolls, the results are instant!

Here's why sod is the answer to your landscaping concerns:

Speed and Convenience
Unlike seeding, which can take up to 18 months to mature, sod offers an instant solution. You can transform your curb appeal almost immediately, capturing the attention of potential buyers.

Soil Erosion Prevention
Sod's benefits extend beyond its immediate aesthetic impact. Its mature root systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding your property from soil erosion. Unpredictable weather patterns, such as heavy rain, can lead to soil erosion, which not only mars your lawn's appeal but also brings unwelcome mud and dust into your living space.

Weed Control
The robust nature of mature sod discourages excessive weed growth, allowing you to enjoy a vibrant, weed-free lawn with minimal upkeep. This saves you precious time and the tedious work of battling unwanted vegetation.

Choosing between seeding and sodding may appear straightforward in terms of budget, but a closer look reveals hidden expenses and a longer timeframe for seeding. Grass seed can also be washed away by rain, draining water, or wind, so areas prone to erosion are better repaired with new sod.

Our pricing is competitive and designed per pallet, starting at $855 for Zoysia sod, $775 for St. Augustine, and $725 for Bermuda sod. Each pallet efficiently covers 450 sq. ft., and a minimum order of two pallets is required. For cases requiring topsoil, it's conveniently available at $195 per cubic yard, including installation.

The Sod Solution

Having an inviting lawn can significantly impact your home's appeal and value. A neat, sodded lawn connects the external beauty of your property and the charm within. In fact, top real estate agents across the nation emphasize the significance of a beautiful lawn in selling a home, as it creates the nostalgia and warmth of family gatherings and shared moments.

Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal with Leading Sod Installers in Frisco

If you’re looking for a simple way to transform your lawn instantly, sod installation might just be what you need. And, if you live in Frisco, you know how the weather can be — from hot summers to mild winters, this climate can stress natural grass, making sod installation an ideal solution, as it provides an instant and well-rooted grass cover.
Sod installation offers a quicker way to achieve a green lawn compared to seeding, which requires time for germination and growth. It also needs relatively less maintenance and can be mowed and cared for like an established lawn.

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